Link: 9 ways to spot an anti-White

Good site.

They call their opponents racist, for one. *side-eyes Roosh*

They tend to have White opponents.

They feel Europe is their landmass and they can visit, remain and claim anything they want here, from work to benefits, over the natives.

The native Europeans should accommodate them.

They say revolution, they mean sedition and treason. They don’t care for democracy.

They call for Patriarchy, in an example of false-flagging, yet refuse to enact their gender roles and marry, provide, support children etc.

They point to the fellow next to them in character deficiency and crime and accuse him of blame-worthy behaviours, in the hopes you’ll assume he is on your side and chivalrously fight his battles for him “Let’s you and him fight” and he only has to deal with you (by getting yet another naive person to fight you for him again). He’ll try to turn you on your own allies by claiming they are Fifth Columnists, in a classic demonstration of projection. When hard times come, they will flee, whatever they promised you.

They wish to turn White men on White women, to scoop up the women for themselves.
The sexes need one another, it’s a fact of nature, and anyone who endorses the feminist adversarial stance of Gender Wars (also used to rentseek) is trying to turn you into a genetic suicide (future non-threat). The difference between sexes is less than the HBD between races. We are brothers and sisters.

Delight in the cuckold fantasy future of Beige People and refuse to hear evidence about why their ‘stronger stock’ theory is a myth (see my post on Hybrid Vigour for details).

They support multiculturalism – in your neighbourhood.

They support welfare – and tax dodge.

They support the various forms of White genocide: displacement in the workforce, replacement locally, outbreeding, forced adoption, conditions intended to suppress White thriving etc.

Ideally, White women should reproduce with non-Whites and White men should reproduce with non-Whites too. A White-White couple makes them retch and natural genophilia is considered a sin, even on dating sites.

The words “But White people….” and usually followed by either accusations of inherent evil or “don’t exist”.

If non-White and male, they feel entitled to free sex with White women, whatever the wishes of the women themselves, because, for example, ‘sexual emergency’ and a form of sexual redistribution for low SMV/IQ/SES, on emotional grounds aka “feewings” to cover their true “muh dick” ruler or recently what’s called a “mud dick” orientation, where they reject their own women as inferior and feel free to plunder the women who rightfully belong to their own people (and statistics back up this is a choice). ‘Game’ is the name of the coercion used to accomplish this, and it’s a dirty little secret the stark majority of so-called PUAs are in fact, non-White predating on White females. If anyone can find proof contrary to this, please respond. They expect White women to be their willing sex slaves and porn whores.


Should this manipulation (including intoxication by drugs and/or drink, nullifying consent) fail, they resort to rape, and if caught, accuse the victim of filing a ‘false accusation’. Like Cologne NYE 2016, right?

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

I am getting so much use out of this gif.

P.S. Yes, drink and drugs and the consent issue would also apply to men. Plenty of male rape victims were drunk at the time, that is the entire reason the homosexual men or hetero women could overpower them physically, sometimes when they were blacked out. Plenty of gay men try to seduce their straight friends, they think it’s a ‘game’ too and get them blotto for the purpose, these innocent men deserve legal protection too. However, the assailant (aka the one who made a choice by mens and actus reus to instigate the physical act/s) cannot use this as an excuse, because they engaged (much like stepping behind the wheel of a car, knowing it was wrong) and the law holds drunk/drugged people to self-restraint standards.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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