Link: White nationalism as a survival strategy

Ooh, game theory related.

I think of it from the reverse perspective.
If you want to know how to beat your opposite at chess, you imagine yourself as your opponent.

Well, SJWs are pushing this, the rhetoric that becomes policy.
SJWs project. They project their greatest fears into reality: everyone who disagrees is Hitler, free speech is bigoted because reality is unequal and the physical problem is White people.

OK. So their problem is White people. What should those people do to dispense with the temporary enemy?

If we trash their belief system it will never take hold again. It took them decades to march through the institutions like this and now we know the enemy, we can name the enemy and have preventative strategies against their entryism. They’re cornered and they know it. They’ve turned on one another like cannibals to last a little longer as the money tap dries up.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Europe, in particular, has a long history of tribal alliance and putting aside our differences to deal with a common enemy. Our sense of fair play and the Rules of Englishmen are Euro-conventions, nowhere else in the world are they capable of this cooperation. Neither are we without guile. The man who wrote the book on manipulation was Italian. There are many slumbering giants among us. Every generation has them. These people are not narcissists and will not be found on a Youtube channel, peddling a blog with supplement ads or e-books. They’re out there IRL doing things. They have the skills we need. Think of it like a superhero team. Individually, we might get taken down. Collectively, with our strengths, we’re invincible (and yes, I count Russia, Western Russia). We shouldn’t assume that silence is tacit agreement, and the common man is against us, that’s SJW programming. To make us feel isolated. Many people want to do something and have no idea what. They need a positive vision. A peaceful action plan. Something inspiring.

The SJWs, with their ‘critical theory’ of nagging and bitching, could never compete.
Inspiration is a joke to them.

What strikes fear in collectivists?
A bigger crowd.

These problems are not going away. Their Orwellian command of language (Diversity is unity, a true strength) and books like Rules for Radicals, along with their mastery of protests and public influence at debates, have trounced the Right. Objecting politely is the blunt tool of cuckservatives, with no idea what they’re meant to be preserving. You could have a diverse table of European weeaboos, Europhiles and Anglophiles, they can dress and speak and act however they want, embrace the culture, they’ll never be European. Fighting a cultural battle is giving the enemy ground, because they have been slowly infiltrating the bastions of intellectual standard. Remember, when run by conservatives, Universities used to be good. [OT: And here, totally free, which really pisses off the Leftists when you remind them. They could justify the costs because standards were high and hardly anyone attended. The economy thrived and wages were higher because few people abroad were competing.]

They’ve been successfully executing a divide and conquer strategy on White people for decades.
By sex, nation, sexuality, anything to avoid the racial element. Anything that makes us turn on each other is aggression away from them, the cause. Let’s you and him fight. No more.
If you accept the premise of your enemy’s tactics without question, you accept defeat.
Why not try the opposite? Things can hardly get worse, can they? Realistically?

It matters because one thing doesn’t negate the other. White Nationalism doesn’t have to negate individual ethnic nationalism or identity. White Nationalism is possible as a temporary arrangement. As a tactic.

We are at war. We are being targeted as a whole, because we are White. Other groups have always defined us as “the White man”, that is all they see, they couldn’t care less about your special unique culture. This is not an individual issue about the fate of France, but not Spain, of Ireland but not Austria. It’s all of us together at the same time. Europeans are being targeted as a group. So we MUST respond as a group.

White Nationalism doesn’t have to be a permanent arrangement. We don’t have to erase Denmark to save Europe, but what good will it do to Denmark if the rest of Europe is lost but only it remains?

What happens at the end of a tournament? You go home.
What happens at the end of a fight? The victor goes home.

The conditions of war make the exceptions of peacetime. 

Last time, depending on what you count, either Vienna, the Crusades or Vlad the Impaler pretending to be batshit saved Europe from the current threat. Also, for wording, can we stop using extremism? Extreme beliefs mean nothing. Communists are extreme on property. The SJWs are using it as a synonym for terrorism (a criminal act) and we’re letting them. Soon having certain extremist beliefs will be enough, in pre-crime logic. They have a sliding scale of ‘fascism’ and we shouldn’t feed it. We are not reporters or biased journalists. Say what you mean, say Muslim terrorism.

Name the enemy. Mention Leftists secrets like the Progressive Stack, and how Muslims are at the top. Mention the soft bigotry of low expectations. Read their books, learn their linguistic tricks.

Keep it peaceful. Keep it positive.

While that’s still an option.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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