Isn’t privilege a way to say entitled?

But doesn’t this apply more to SJWs than literally anyone else?

Who else can make a living complaining?

No, this is real. I’ve seen these justifications before. It may have started out as Poe’s Law but by now it’s really taken up.

We have to document these things, because no one will believe it’s real in the future.
195 pages.
On the last, the faces of pathological altruism caused by White Guilt propaganda.
It’s a form of genetic suicide I never thought I’d see.

Who wants to tell them they’re slave-owners because transracial adoption is genocide?

This isn’t cuckoldry btw, which is spousal cheating in secret while maintaining lines of support.
This is stupidity. Plain old stupidity. Darwin’s losers.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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