Video: “Feminism is about equality”

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e.g. Like we need the self-styled likes of “Em Wats” telling us to read a depressing book about someone with a mental illness who refuses treatment.

Who do these people think they are? Know-nothing control freaks.

Telling a person you know what they should really think? Brainwashing en masse, gaslighting on a personal level (unless they’re a shrink and those have proof).

She wasn’t bitching about cultural appropriation when she was trying to rap.
I know exactly what she’s doing, she’s trying to be like Audrey Hepburn.
….The same Audrey who married, had kids and wore pretty dresses?
I don’t recall Audrey getting around with rugby players and rich SWPL?

They have this Puritanical approach to anything non-SJW. Burn the bigotry! Ban the bigots!

Recently, the Lefties here are going full anti-Semite with greedy, untrustworthy Jew rants about London mayoral candidate Goldsmith. The mask of sanity slips off.

They hide behind a label. To excuse a range of actions, all subsumed by a polite term: equality. Anything in the name of equality, the end justifies the means? Equality is their God.

They’re cowards.

They refuse to own their opinion. It must always belong to the Mob Hivemind Majority.

This entire schtick about equality for the demographic ‘minorities’ is inherently anti-democratic.

Mention it’s all about demographics, and entirely anti-democratic. They smoke at the ears.

They’re pretending they’re popular. 

I’ve heard the pitch. Here’s the subtext.

“Don’t you wanna be popular? Look how popular our opinion is. Most people are on our side. Don’t you wanna be with the winning side? We’re on the right side of history. Ignore their data, they’re liars! Would we lie to you? We’re the real victims here. Join us and we’ll give your sad sack of a life some purpose! Someone to be angry at! All hail Equality, where no one can laugh at you again!”

The Emperor has no clothes.

SJWs are a minority. In a democracy, their political clout should reflect this fact.

Finally, stop calling them what they want. Stop buying their social frame. They lie with language.
Don’t call them feminists.

Call them SJWs.

Every. Single. Time.

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