Meanwhile, in Sweden…

I don’t believe The Guardian is allowing comments on this. Study and ponder why this might be.

Most of the ‘anti-fa’ have stopped marching, now they’re being met with true resistance.
There’s always one rabbit dumber than the others.

Sweden’s pendulum is swinging back fast and hard, one man (or woman) cannot change that.

A black woman won’t change their mind, maybe a blonde with big tits, and that level of self-importance will get her killed. Sweden is going that way whatever your triggering on the subject and standing in the street will make you a sitting duck. This is not 20th century politics. You cannot expect that threats of violence will not be taken seriously, eventually. She was interrupting what was obviously a peaceful march and they’re doing the right thing by completely ignoring her. That is how Swedes will see it. They will not side with the aggressive foreigner.
Telling native Swedes they can’t walk peacefully in their own country, ordering them around, is part of the problem, if anything she’s helping their movement, the dumb bitch.

She has no right to be angry, it isn’t her country.

Aside from these facts of the matter, the most curious response was the police.
They are assisting neither side.

That is a win for the right.

4 responses to “Meanwhile, in Sweden…

  1. Did you see the video? She had a beta orbiter who was treated a little more harshly, seemingly by cops, or security. It also mentioned she was quivering in anticipation of reprisals.

    Amygdala finally fired up. Just a little late.

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