Don’t take sex advice from a feminist

They want to screw you over.
If there are no good girls, the men can’t preferentially choose you to marry later, can they?

“What the feminists of the sexual revolution have done is unleashed a tidal wave of sexual anarchy particularly against young girls.

Peggy Orenstein’s book Girls and Sex has been reviewed as ‘horrifying.’ In it, it documents a 18-year-old high-school senior who says she would never hang out with one of her guy friends alone because he would expect her to perform oral sex.”

The real-time consequences of widespread porn addiction.

‘Sex education’ is 100% to blame for this. Being a slut is encouraged, and being frigid a personal failure. The boys are encouraged to coerce the girls, that’s rape culture.

“It’s not that they’d force themselves on you,…..It’s just that there would be pressure.” We are told this is a very common experience for young women today.
…One section caught my eye. “Myths about virginity’. It tells us, “Virginity is a dodgy concept. It comes from the patriarchal oppressive [DS: citation needed] need to control women’s sexuality, i.e. it’s a load of rubbish. So, we’re here to dispel those damaging virginity myths…” When you start shaming the virgins, you know you are in trouble.”

They’re already controlling female sexuality, by demanding sex as a right to another’s body.
The Sexual Revolution was the best thing to ever happen to horny, low status men (who can’t support or keep a wife). R-types love feminism, for shaming women into acting as their free whores.

Erasure, literally saying those people don’t exist.
Virgin shaming is a real term, being used. Rarely.

“…Secondly, and this is important, the feminists changed the default setting from one where sex took place after marriage, to sex – whenever you wanted. In others words, it became an entitlement. Combine this with the greater male sex drive and women were always going to lose out.”

clapping well done you tony

The data has shown earlier age at first intercourse is closely related to risk of severe mental illness and poor life outcomes. Promiscuity continued from this point exacerbates the problem.

Drug-resistant STDs are coming out, that will make you infertile. 

The science is clear.

Sleeping around is bad for you.

Promiscuity is an anti-social behaviour, it is individual selfishness, poor impulse control and suffering (terrible if one cannot consent, while still being a minor) at collective expense.

I rarely comment on r-women.

The short-term mating strategy can only compete in the long-term by recruitment.
Reducing the opponent’s numbers by engorging them into their own ranks, like a phagocyte.
What does this require? Sex-positive propaganda, funded by the State.
In fact, Gen Y are having less sex than those above them in age, the pressure being too high and technology so alluring. The SJWs are doubling down in response to Gen Z, hoping the Millennial trend for social conservatism (but not yet economic) in the women can be stopped.

Keep pointing out the core of the ideology, nothing pisses them off less than seeing it in black and white.

Virgin, love = bad person, victim (of men)

Whore, sex = good person, victor (of men)

As if women can only overpower men with what’s between our legs.

It makes no logical sense that a woman respecting herself is a victim of other people.

For a finishing move, point out Middle Class women can afford to be sluts.
aka It’s classist to push this in state schools, as they do.

Unless, of course, they wanna kill the competition….Keep the poor women down….
Isn’t that what Rotherham was all about?
Didn’t an authority figure in those cases say the white working class girls were expected to be natural whores, and hence disbelieved when raped or harassed? Who could they turn to? Their ‘sex experts’ were telling them it was racist to reject these abusers.

With the Sexual Revolution, feminists removed the social and legal protections of chaste women.

4 responses to “Don’t take sex advice from a feminist

  1. “Smith explicitly connects women’s subordinate role in the family to other facets of women’s oppression in society at large: “The oppression of women in class societies quite clearly cannot be reduced to any economic analysis. . . . But the social oppression of women makes no sense without a Marxist analysis of the family.” Echoing Engels, she adds, “It is the family system which creates the virgin, the prostitute, pornography and the oppression of women.”43

  2. I think the whole point of the sexual revolution was to free women to make their own decisions: they can choose to be sexually active before or after marriage. Of course, society hasn’t quite caught up in that thinking, because, yes, both slut-shaming and virgin-shaming do occur.

    The point of the revolution was choice without judgement. Blame the society who can’t accept that thinking, not the revolution that tried to cultivate that thinking.

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