Link: The ‘Alpha’ is Omega
“When the game community talks “Alpha” they are really describing “Omega” and when they say “Beta” they are really describing “Zeta.” …
However, it is entirely false to confuse the Alpha with Omega traits. One must keep in mind that human beings naturally exhibit pair-bonding and Alphas still pair bond while Omegas do not. [DS: CANNOT]. Most high partner count people I know, such as my two friends I mentioned above, are Omegas, not Alphas. They are sexual deviants with numerous sexual partners but their social ranking is low and that is why they need to continually game more than one woman at a time. They can only fool a woman into believing they are Alpha for a short amount of time and they have little ability to actually keep a woman of high mating value. Another reason they continually need to have more than one chick on the go is to protect their own emotional vulnerability. Of course, this behaviour also provides the Omega male with social proofing, which helps them get more chicks, but this is a different kind of social proofing than that which the Alpha male gets.
Each time an Omega “scores” another man gets screwed over. Except for virgins, pretty much all women are romantically involved with someone at the time they decide to discard the old for the new. This is not conducive behavior for gaining social power amongst the other males surrounding the Omega male, and in fact will soon leave him completely powerless and struggling for survival. If an Omega were the town blacksmith and he screwed 100 of the local women, he would soon find a large portion of the town shunning him and taking their business to the next town, if someone didn’t outright kill him first for his cuckolding behavior. There is very, very little survival value for a woman and child to be attached to an Omega male. Without government welfare picking up the slack and creating a “Keynesian Sexual Marketplace,” the natural market would soon see both the Omegas and their lovers removed from the race. [DS: WILL see them removed from the future, whatever they do now]
And herein lies the quandary with “game” as it is put forth in the Manosphere today. We have the Omega class (low value males – lower than Beta) posing as Alphas (high value males), and since Omegas are the scum class rather than socially powerful Alphas who have other males’ cooperation (along with high female attraction), the Omegas are flourishing while Beta males are floundering after being relentlessly propagandized to emulate the weak-willed traits of the Zetas. And, in many ways, Omegas are scum for how they treat other males. There are many who believe that when out pussy-hunting, it is their right to screw other men’s wives and then get a chuckle at their cuckolding of other men. This is deviant behavior, and certainly not “Alpha.””

Deadbeat self-styled ‘players’ and welfare queens are deviants deserving of one another. They often share the same mental illnesses (sex addiction, drug/drink abuse, domestic abuse, and borderline/antisocial/NPD, all three flavours of the same pathology).

I’ve seen some in the manosphere rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of those ‘whores’ getting their comeuppance.

correction ohuhno idiots

Uh… aren’t you a whore, too?

Sleeping around for social attention is worse than doing it for money.
If you also need men/women for your self esteem, and engage in notch-counting, that’s pathetic. Sexual Pokemon, really? Gotta bang em all?

Be careful what you wish for. You want the promiscuous to be outed, shunned socially?

Men won’t be forgiven for their sexual vices either.
In a K-society, reputation is everything.

Men are actually judged harsher for being cads and punished by patriarchal societies more lethally, because the fathers with power wish to protect their innocent women. That’s the way it ought to be too. Women are usually led astray by men, sexually. Men are the sex in active pursuit, the hunt. Men are the source of the sexual problem.

[n.b. These promiscuous people of each sex being about 15% of the population in all studies, nowhere near what they presume while salivating with sadistic delight over the prospect of female pain for the gall to sexually reject them aka omegas].

These discussions never mention the negative consequences for men, and this is unfair to them, they should be informed about what they’re doing, and how the negative repercussions won’t solely strike women when/if collapse comes.

Having it All is impossible, yes. That also applies to men. Namely, you can’t be a slut (r-type) at present and expect to contentedly settle into K-selection monogamy when the SMP collapses. Studies show dissatisfaction. You’ve already damaged your brain’s ability to pair bond. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. There are brain scans. You’d have to deny the holy power of MRI to allow the cognitive dissonance to believe in the Sexual Revolution’s Big Lie. No, casual sex isn’t good for you. It isn’t good for anyone.

The manosphere ignores anything that makes them feelbad and triggers them with social consequences/responsibility/duty, in this regard, they’re the male equivalent of the feminists they verbally deride while secretly wishing to hate-fuck them. Childish people, childish priorities.

Muh dick is a Third World motivation.

I don’t know a single player who sustained a marriage, let alone a happy one. I can think of a pairing with one moderately good woman, but that bloke was mostly good anyway already and who knows, they could divorce. Players either die alone or die alone with a string of divorces under their belt, warning off The Youth from marriage because they were too impulsive and selfish to make it work themselves. It’s like the welfarites who tell the aspirant never to get a job, because those suck.

4 responses to “Link: The ‘Alpha’ is Omega

  1. Thank you. I’ve been trying to say this for years. I keep getting told “we mean ‘game’ alpha, not wolf alpha”, but our social organization is like wolves. There’s nothing alpha about a douchey pua.

    • Excuses, excuses. They see the damage and contribute to it, making them as bad as the SJWs by action. They’re trying to ingroup with us because they see the money tap going dry, otherwise they’d flip us off and go into the sunset, in a van full of Roosh books.

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