Video: What Millennials find immoral

What they report in spite of social desirability bias.

Most of the 30% or so are sluts themselves, or would be if hot enough (like the virgin who pretends to get laid to try and become popular).
Ask turkeys if they’re in favour of Christmas.
Ask alcoholics about Prohibition.
Ask potheads about brain damage or schizophrenia risk from smoking.

Much has been written on the future of Millennials.
I know one voice has little relevance but I do get around socially so here goes.

Q: How can you (Gen Y) be socially conservative, but seldom economic?

A: School brainwashing turned us off the prospect as the ideology of Bad People, teachers drilled this into us at such a young age, we’re still deprogramming with the internet. While young, we care for social approval. We don’t wanna be blacklisted from future employment for sharing the wrong opinion on social media. However, once the other shoe drops, cradle to grave socialism is publicly seen as mathematically impossible and we know 1. there is NO free lunch, ever and 2. the unfunded liabilities we vote in, we will never receive personally, watch that economic thing snap back to match the social data.

One benefit of the way we were raised? (child-centred, the term)

Millennials will always vote in our own self-interest.

As every generation before us, and rightly so. The Guilt Train from our elders isn’t working anymore (see Best Post). We refuse to clean up their economic mess.

At present, many of Gen Y still think The Government has our best interest at heart. Seriously.

The Boomer hate for us, expressed in places like The Guardian, is the beginning of the resistance train (wait, why does college tuition need to go up? Why is my Obamacare so expensive? Why should I vote in open borders to be replaced when I worked hard at school and need a first job?) and the result will be a young, conservative voting bloc.

Why should we respect our elders, when they taught us we are their equals?
Why should we trust their opinion, when they screwed up plenty of things, refuse to take responsibility and want to guilt trip us like children? Didn’t these people raise us to say we’re smarter, special and we’ll have power one day.

Hell yeah, we’re taking it.

We’ll write the history books.

The collapse should come proper once we’re in power.
Our summary of Boomer policies, post-War socialism, will not be rosy.
Those Boomers responsible cannot stand this fact. They’re looking into life extension to prolong their privilege and barring us from the same progress across the board.

We’re noticing.

We’re slowly waking up to that fact.

Our parent’s generation did all the typical rebellion: the drinking, the drugs, the tattoos and the sleeping around.
We’re rather disgusted by the fact few of them have grown out of it.
They ruined marriages for this.
Why would we follow in their footsteps?

We came into a bad economy, all we want is security.
In our own country, we are told we are evil for our race/sex/sexuality, despite choosing none of these, and if we can’t afford to get married/have kids/move out, it’s our own laziness. We send out hundreds of job applications, but immigrants take the positions.

Why cling to the Left?

We hope for a Government bailout.

Once this is denied, the S will be Hitting TF.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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