Comic: HeforShe

2 comics.

I call this one Damage Control.

UN Women damage control

You shouldn’t be cheering the $$$Victimhood because it happens to throw you the odd peanut.

Internet bitching is NOT a career. I’m putting my money where my mouth is by monetizing none of this site, can you bitches say the same? Vow: I’ll never make money off this site. I’m not a professional victim, or even a victim, as no crime has been committed against me. I’m here for the ideas, not the self-promotion poster child semantics (look at me! buy my e-book!) or emotional excuses for unmerited narcissism (secular selfishness justified by pride). Pride has always been considered the worst of the sins, enabling and emboldening the others.
Why am I hard on this male equivalent of social media? It’s therapy, literally. It’s video journalling to the internet. Having an opinion means nothing, nobody should pay you for it. Acting on your opinion uber alles. You’re no better than the bloggers at Jezebel and deep down, you know it. You aren’t a special snowflake.
The guys are equally bad at this attention-whoring BS. Shouldn’t you know better? Yet we see plenty of males posturing as victims looking for sympathy and using anecdotal imaginings to justify their low SES. Look up the fat acceptance tag on tumblr and it’s the same damn thing.
I find it ironic men incapable of sustaining themselves with a normal job gripe about the supposed historical injustice of soldiers and miners. While admitting it no longer applies and how women cannot physically perform those tasks, remember….


inb4 armchair philosophy is legit

  1. That’s an insult, as there is no proud tradition of shit-stirrers sitting on their arse and expecting other (real) men to do the work. Making you… nags. Congratulations, you’re transgender (really, it’s all about behaviour).
  2. Philosophers in liberal arts departments have more of a real job than Youtubers. More longevity too, with that sweet, sweet tenure cheese.

I edited this one from a pro-feminist comic to reflect reality. You can shop it around with credit for the editing.


I can do more if you enjoy losing IQ points.

There are so many stories about what a diva bitch she is.

Like, at least one time she threw a dog over a fence. Who does that???

2 responses to “Comic: HeforShe

  1. I’m glad you wrote it, even though it was evident already.

    I wrote this at my blog a long time ago in the Buelahuh? section:

    I don’t want your money.

    As rough as things have been for my family, my intent with this blog is not to carry any sort of taint by accepting money, giving even the illusion I am subservient to those that give (and I do appreciate each and every offer that many of you have made over the years). I want no conflict of interest and have no plans to accept any funding for this blog.

    My blog is a record of my awakening. It was never intended for money. With money comes the taint of expectation.

    When my daughter grows up and asks me what did I do to try and stop it, at least she can see what little I contributed. I did try.

    • It’s a test, a countersignal.
      I could easily rack up Youtube shekels by virtue of being a white woman with decent legs spouting conservatism, aka the Fox News method. Instead, I’m not using my erotic capital and letting the ideas sink or swim on their own merit. As I said on the nuMGTOW misogyny post, anyone whose livelihood depends on this enemy has a vested interest in screwing us over. It’s noble to do charity, to preach the truth in a world of liars. When you take money, it changes things. I don’t trust anyone getting paid to be here, for the simple reason they admit they can be bought.

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