Link: Milo Yiannopoulos isn’t conservative. Ever.

Called it.
“If Milo had remained on the periphery of our movement, pushing the Overton Window rightward, I’d be happy to ignore him. Unfortunately, both inside and outside of the Alt-Right there are people who are starting to consider him one of the principal leaders of the movement. The Daily Beast recently termed him the young face of the Alt-Right.

are you kidding me rn seriously wtf da vincis demons

Look at his life, look at his choices.

Cucks, when outed, will always project. Milo’s lite form is “they don’t really mean it.” Firstly, how dare you try to tell us what we believe (ding ding gaslighting patronizing BS). Second, then why are we all here, at personal risk and time cost? We have practically nothing to do with GG, that was a joke because most video games are thoroughly pozzed. Sure, if he asks his Twitter followers, they may not mean it, but he is not a leading figure for us and his aspie fan’s views aren’t representative. He doesn’t just want kebab here, he literally wants them inside him, like Roosh’s obsession with teen blonde EEs. You can’t get more multikulti than inviting them to share your body. He finds the prospect of female rape a joke, feminists are an outlet for his lack of empathy on the topic, it’s all words, simply another shiv to spin on TV, whataboutism. However, it is normal for gay men to be completely callous re women.
Like many gay men, he has been raped by a deviant as a minor. He has a hard shell on these topics. A bubble. Pozziting this as a positive thing for kids he’ll never have is unacceptable, he’s advocating a practical drop in the age of medical/physical consent. “Consent is complicated.” No, it isn’t. Children cannot consent. That’s pretty fucking
lucid unless his Dindu and Muslim exes brainwashed him into their culture.

How did I call this?

The personal life ALWAYS gives it away. Throughout human history, you can out the hypocrites by their sex life, he is an r-type and as an r, refuses to cover the topic of r/K theory because it outs them. Isn’t that kinda suspicious? No HBD either, all this one-sided cherrypicking (1 study! one!) BS on male superiority but nothing on Jewish genetics or the Gay Germ hypothesis?

Their dopamine-drive needs an outlet. There are no promiscuous conservatives, the body follows the mind. As my wise commentators have pointed out, the distinction between r/K is mating strategy (and parental investment). Short-term strategists think differently. They are biologically different in their brain, whatever weasel words they use to try and fence-sit and ingroup everyone. Appeasement is an r-instinct.
He’s trying to become the right’s Anita Sarkeesian. It’s all about fame and money. He’d never do anything anonymous or unpaid and if the Right were in cultural hegemonic power, he’d be on the other side as underdog. It’s easier to climb up that ladder and gays love taboo, some still wish buggery were illegal so they could get the thrill (DDR4s get a kick out of disloyalty) from breaking the law.
At best, he is liber-tarian. Yeah, still liberal. Open borders whores for shekels.
The internet is using him like a token. Uncle Milo, via him they desperately scrape for Left wing approval.
He has been treated terribly recently, granted, but if you poke the feminist Hive, don’t be surprised when they sting you. He deliberately feeds into their dramu, compares them to cancer (funny the first time, now in poor taste) and he’s hopping on the male supremacy bandwagon of MGTOW for clickbait. He’s become a professional troll, the counterpart of the professional victim.
Fine by me, but not one of us. You either put the nuclear family first, pro-civilization, or you’re a Leftist.

Stupidity is self-correcting. Reality wins.
For your interest.
As ingroup preference is for all intents and purposes, illegal, is it any wonder whites are going batshit over identity?
Everything from furry, to make-believe genders, to poverty pimps, the women taking photos of a football team of black kids to slake her maternal instinct. There should be a blog purely about these women.
I’m happy to let them go. Don’t let them back. There are new lows of WWC poverty, but that isn’t glam on Instagram. It’s like that guy who takes a photo of himself giving ten bucks to the homeless. They have an anti-white disgust regarding their own people, so they can go hang (metaphorically).
They wanna help the outgroup? Why should we support them and take them back? Isn’t that sedition, to help hostile Others?
Ironically, they say they’re spiritual but agnostic. Yet they are almsgiving and trying to be Jesus. There are no Christians but CHINOs, where social justice politics is held above anything in the Bible.
There’s no good without God. Moral relativity kills charity.
These women in saner times would’ve been the community pillars running bakesales for the Church.
Cowardice isn’t forgiveness.
Good people do not allow or forgive evil deeds.
As a comment says “There is no Forgiveness without Repentance.” and correction. In fact, the source of the problem is disbelieving in the Devil or evil. Where the murderers are morally equal to charity workers and nobody has moral authority because that’s a type of privilege. Suicidal people for suicidal times. CM kills white women to bring down white man.

If we’d withdrawn foreign AIDs the first time they failed the goals we set them, we wouldn’t be in this Camp of Saints-style mess in Europe.

Sure, white people are to blame for some of this, in the beginning. Mostly, we’re the useful idiots, signalling who is the greatest martyr for the Cause of CM.

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