Comic: Flipping the script

h/t the snarky conservative with Dixon Diaz

h/t the snarky conservative with Dixon Diaz

On the topic, this made me laugh.

What made me laugh harder was knowing it applies most to slobby white guys angry-ranting on Youtube about how Someone Must Do Something! Bring on Apocalypse, they say through four layers of chub with no non-Internet skills!

In part, I know their motive. They mistakenly believe the faster collapse comes, the faster it’ll be over, the more resources will be saved from the masses and the more resources will be allotted to them, personally. Except K-society doesn’t share things out whatsoever, their weak amygdala is tripping them again. It’s all based on merit. If they won’t DIY, they won’t get paid. They think cheerleading their support for collapse will make the Ks go easier on them (it won’t, we’ll be angrier, since their laziness is knowing and intentional, cough cough Matt Forney). There is a type of r-type that signals for war, hoping that by ingrouping early, they can hide behind the K-types while the others are killed. I call it the self-aware r-type. In reality, they’ll be begging for clemency with the others. Bernie Sanders was kicked out of a Communist commune for refusing to work, even fellow r-types won’t stand for this when survival is on the line.
It’s fun to watch them posture and signal as K and expect nobody is going to make demands of them. As if K-types give a shit what you say you support when you aren’t fighting alongside them. “Race war naow!” as they live in diverse urban areas with no means of supporting or defending themselves (Vegas was the worst offender, Aurini) and a for-profit blog making a big fuss of their lack of vested interest (common sense: in an Apocalypse, nobody makes money off the internet). There is a hypocritical disconnect among some of those signalling conservatism and war.


a) they expect it’ll never happen and they get to play both sides for shekels.

b) they expect if it happens all their signalling will make the K-types save them a la Damsel, despite being adults, they’ll self-infantilize and claim they cannot save themselves because reasons.

A is more probable, making them liars.
B makes them idiots who fail to understand K-selection. It isn’t a series of buzzwords and opinions you can try on like a turncoat’s uniform. It’s a self-reliant way of life. If you cannot or worse, refuse to be self-reliant, you are not K-selected.

I make no money off this blogging BS so I have no conflict of interest whatsoever. I throw down the gauntlet and challenge all of these supposed alt right people to stick around discussing these subjects when they don’t have their hands in our pockets. 

They’d disappear overnight.
Trust no bitch who charges for their opinion. Consultancy is full of crooks.

First it’s “can’t we all just get along?” appeasement.
Then they threaten to leave when called out on their actions, while calling the alt right the ‘real cucks’.
Finally, they play victim.

In the age of the internet “I didn’t know, therefore I’m innocent” is not an excuse.

It’s a filthy goddamn lie.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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