Emma Watson named in Panama Papers leak


Thanks Anony-chan!

yes lestat dancing happy cheery morbid black comedy

I knew something would stick to that bitch.
I just knew.
The way I drink and know things.

Even her old fans from childhood are over her.


If we’re all equal, why should we listen to celebrities?


Update: holy shit Reddit wrath.


No longer the Hermione Darling.

Note: tax avoidance is a duty, pay what the law demands but no more. Tax evasion is illegal but rare. The equality-signalling Lefties, however, are raging hypocrites because when someone Right goes offshore, they conflate it with evasion, despite doing the same damn thing themselves. People are pissed at the hypocrisy. Pensions, for example, are often held offshore.

Internet Gold. This whole thing.


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