Well, this isn’t dodgy at all…


TRS is fine btw.


From time-to-time I go through the fun process of tracking myself through various VPNs.
I noticed something quite interesting based on the Tech sector’s internet lines here in the South of the UK and the way the cables hook up. Physically.
We have a lot of big companies you’ve definitely heard of base their IT in two places, Reading (cheaper office space) and Slough (nearby, also a town, lots of cheap IT support because it’s basically all immigrant labour now) but while Slough pops up on the trackers alongside London, with few misfires into other locales (I highly doubt the Queen is shitposting), Reading always shows up as London. It’s practically invisible.
A lot of people in STEM work in Reading especially.
I find this interesting. It’s like a physical VPN. I can’t help but think this is deliberate ass-covering. As if a (blank) employee shitposting isn’t gonna run the transmission through London wherever possible. Security by obscurity.

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