When the time comes, don’t save the Leftists

This sounds obvious, but the natural reaction of a conservative is to help, we’re designed for high-trust societies. This won’t always be obvious either. The enemy looks like you too. The Fifth Column invited the invaders to destroy you. When those invaders turn on them, suddenly it’ll have been a tragic accident.
Save us conservatives! We’re all in this together! Ignore our personal lives up until this point,and the way we tried to outgroup you, suddenly patriotism is everything and if you don’t save us, you’re betraying your country!

They haven’t been loyal to us and never will be, however you treat them. If you spare them, they’ll congratulate themselves for tricking you, they think we’re stupid. In an economic downturn (to put it mildly), kindness to the outgroup can get you killed.
Conservatives are self-reliant. They don’t need your help in the first place.

Who are you? Where were you?

They will dress up in our clothes, claim to be ‘mostly’ on our side now (self-aware r-types trying to evade punishment), say they’ve ‘seen the light’. Hallelujah, right?

…Except they still want free shit. What this whole thing is about, theft. This time direct from taxpaying conservatives bc the State has collapsed, food from the Church drives when they were heathens, whatever…
They want the Alt Right to be their new sugar daddy, and we’re already seeing some try and fail to move us into this position (cough Roosh V cough).

Your response should be so what?

So what if you’re one of us now? That doesn’t entitle you to anything.

Great that you’re claiming to agree with us rhetorically, conveniently too late to be of any use, there’s no real risk anymore because we’re firmly established, but none of us owe you jack.
The Guilt-driven Gravy Train is over.
Nothing. Nada. Zero. K-types stand on their own. The best revenge is omission, to set them free: to succeed or fail on their own. Only K-types will succeed because they deserve to.
We’ll never owe you anything after everything you’ve taken from us.

They’ll try to use their new identity against us, like the trannies wanting taxpayer surgery and little girl’s bathroom access. Without perks, watch how quickly their new belief system crumbles.

We are not the cheerleaders, this is not a whiner’s club. We are the doers. Your vocal support is, in fact, insulting, when you fail to back it up with actions. They honestly think we’re this stupid, we won’t notice they’re still on their arse, expecting their majestic presence is sufficient contribution, like ghetto trash on welfare. The words out of a parasite’s mouth are meaningless.
Whether the right pay for it directly (then) or indirectly (via Gubmint, as now) doesn’t matter.
You’ve already been paying for these people as long as you’ve lived. They are the reason food prices are so high, VAT and housing shortages. We’ve been paying for the dead weights this whole time, it isn’t new.

Years we’ve lost against their people, decades of potential we can never get back.


Remember all the times you were having an argument where the absolute arrogance, smugness, and self-righteousness of your opponent made you want to grab them by the lapels, get in their face, and tell them to get down off their high horse just long enough to actually listen to what you have to say. Remember all the times you self-censored about something completely obvious because you didn’t want to be called a racist, sexist, or homophobe.

Basically read this. It’s beautiful.

cool mocking shades yes peace

But remember most of all that the problem isn’t the minorities, the foreigners, or even the Jews.

Convenient tokens of excuse to avoid looking at the flaws within our own societies without them.

The problem is the traitors among our own people who for the sake of social approval have turned a blind eye to the real-world effects of their destructive policies. If we’re going to survive as a people, the traitors have to be purged without mercy. Anyone who holds leftist beliefs needs to have the same fear of expressing them as we’ve held for so long. Using the word “homophobe” should be as dangerous to them as saying “different races have different average IQs” has been to us.

Bring back slander and criminal punishments for repeat offenders (where they had no proof for their public assertions). What you say in public must have consequences again and it’s either this or duelling. Ks value their reputation, or PC speech police wouldn’t have worked this well. Calling everyone who disagrees with you various slanders is the opposite of liberal.
Hate speech law needs to be struck off, it doesn’t work as a law in any logical sense.

Only we can’t stop there, because we know from our own experience that eventually, if fear isn’t backed up by sufficient real-world force, it turns into retributive rage. Our day of reckoning is coming, and we need to prepare for it by being as physically fit, well-trained, and unified as possible.

aka doing shit
not kvetching like the rs in K’s clothing

We need to gather physical assets and financial wealth, and recycle them amongst ourselves just like the Jews do. And we need to stay vigilant against the inevitable Leftist attempts to sabotage our rebuilding efforts.

Self-aware r-types. Fake Ks. ‘On-paper’ Ks. Paper tigers of the nominal right.

SJW entryism will try it eventually, if it hasn’t already.

The Jews are successful because of their ingroup pref behaviours. Firstly, you must know who the true ingroup is... Couldn’t we all convert to Judaism, ostensibly? Like Pastafarians? Christians could rebrand as another new religion and/or claim Israel is a white ethnostate, and they deserve a place there, because it’s the Judeo-Christian God, after all. There are many ways this could get very funny.

The right online succeed because we aren’t mere signallers. We aren’t the fat tumblrina crying online about injustice, we aren’t the SJWs on twitter acting as if twitter is relevant and we aren’t making super-serious attention-whore videos pining about inequality.
We get shit done. The memes are a joke we can afford, to lure in new recruits, because the signalling is ironic. It’s a countersignal to beat the Left at its own game as a side piece to the true masterpiece, and woe betide any sneaky r-type thinking they can get away with just doing that hobbyist cathartic BS. You’re either standing with us or against us. Standing on the other team’s side and bleating how you’re ‘really’ with us won’t wash. And they wonder why they aren’t allowed a seat at the grown-up table. Wow, you use the word degenerate like ‘the’. So edgy, we’re super impressed. But we happen to know all your friends are degenerate, and you keep playing White Knight to them and excusing your own deviances, pretending your personal life is spotless and innocent contrary to public record, so….

I love this suit and everything about this demeanour

We have nothing to learn from you. We aren’t armchair philosophers.

We care if you walk the walk.
Act virtuous, not virtue signalling speeches moaning like a little tumblr basic bitch with the sexes/races/whatever reversed.
Nothing else matters.

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