Why is MGTOW anti-natal?

Can anyone answer that question?
A lot of MGTOW say they’d love a wife and kids, so there’s a lot of cognitive dissonance when they say BUT…

This is making the rounds.

I don’t necessarily agree with it, but let’s follow the train of thought.

It’s strange, isn’t it, that MGTOW espouses genetic suicide regardless of alternatives. That’s its core belief, better to die alone than rely on other people.
No sperm donation, no surrogacy, they expect a man’s hand to be a suitable life companion.

It’s almost like the people pushing it either want less straight white men in the world (cough feminists cough) or they’re trying to justify their own genetic failure from low SES.

“My insecurity as a man is all the wimminz fault.”

And what of modern woman’s masculinity? Is that men’s fault for failing to support us, forcing us to support ourselves?
They avoid these logical if P, then Q questions, when the scrutiny is turned on them. Simply, they wanna slag off women to make themselves feel more manly, and that’s why they’ll fail in life. No masculine man has ever needed to do that, in fact, pointing the finger like a passive simpleton is a feminine behaviour, so they’ll attract the opposite romantically – that’s right, by being little bitches, they’re attracting the masculine sluts. Opposites attract.

The survival instinct is strongest, to overcome it there must be some hard propaganda.

They never look for the other side, for the black swan.
For example, divorce law does treat both sexes equally.

You are getting equal treatment.
But they don’t care.
It just so happens that men tend to sign the contract (and a contract it is) with more money, they go in knowing this. However, considering men have always purchased the services of their wife in supporting her, this is in fact the traditional arrangement.
Men are under no obligation to marry, it is a choice. You don’t get sympathy for making a bad investment.
However, if they want wife material women, those women demand it, as they have a right to have standards too (and women’s rights in the First World infuriate them above all else).
A or B.

They expect to be entitled to a woman, that society should provision them one for whatever reason. This is the First World. It’s successful because people are self-determined. This isn’t sex redistribution, losers, as bad an idea as the wealth kind. Contracts must be entered into freely or they are null and void. If you can’t persuade a woman to marry you, that’s your own fault. Blaming women for your romantic failures with them will prolong those failures forever. Man up and self-improve, or stop expecting change.

There are two ways to solve it, and they push for neither.
1. No divorces. For anyone.
2. You cannot remarry. No second, third, fourth marriages.

Treating marriage seriously.
Both are Catholic. They don’t want them. They want to restrict the right to divorce in women, however much their husband cheats or abuses (statistically more likely) but allow it in men, when no marital system is stable without equal expectations, as expressed in the contract and the vows around marriage. If one sex has too much power, either sex, it doesn’t work.
This is the male equivalent of the goal of feminism. They want to maximize male choice, male freedoms and treat women as subhuman. Nowhere in the world does this work. It’s sexual Communism. In the Third World they have multiple wives, but they also live in the Third World and fuck their cousins.

The MGTOW happily ignore the benefits of marriage for themselves to make it out like a form of torture. In other words, they’re lying. Marriage isn’t terrible, marriage isn’t the ‘worst thing ever’. They are bad at it. They are personally responsible for the quality of their marriage.
Why do women file divorces? Back when records were taken, if we revoke No-Fault – it was for cheating.
If you cheat on your wife, you deserve to be divorced, because part of your contract was a fidelity vow.
If she turns out to have no reason (objectively) and turns out to be a gold digger?
Well, you chose that woman. If you choose a superficial spouse, they’re gonna be superficial.
Note how MGTOW don’t really want equality under divorce law because the idea of male gold diggers is pretty attractive to them? They’d never advocate a law to stop husbands ripping off their wives, almost as if they’re dishonest themselves…
These manboys are shrieking because they cannot both have their cake (the freedom of bachelorhood) and eat it (the security of marriage).

No wonder the cult is taking off among Gen Y, who were raised to believe if you can’t have everything you want, someone is oppressing you.
Nope, it’s life and it’s always been this way.
When you choose between two mutual exclusives, you must choose ONE.
You cannot be straight and gay, you cannot be rich and poor, and you cannot be married and fucking around.
Don’t expect what you cannot provide, especially with fidelity. Marriage isn’t an excuse to stop trying, the marriage itself is work, it’s like a job, you can’t relax or it’ll dissolve.
The sexes are being treated equally, here at least.
Except MGTOW want special treatment.

Sound familiar?

And before the little bitches come to prove my point about the bitching, dissent is a human right and women are human.

need feminism origin

I fully expect a This is why I need MGTOW meme at some point.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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