Fashtastic Google Trends

I’m kidding to be edgy, of course. Some of these surprised me.


Gee, I wonder why the people who said The Manosphere is Dead (because they killed it) want in on the AR?
A sweet new internet sugar daddy to milk for Patreon shekels, like their idol Anita. Joke’s on you, the AR has no money.

If you wonder why the old manosphere ship-jumpers (self-aware r-types) are suddenly signalling so hard for their Youtube shill pleasure, this is why.


I don’t know what to remark on this one. They’d be better of, as fake Ks, doubling down on the manosphere stuff.


I’m sure that’s a coincidence.


Also, probably, a stonking coincidence.






They’ve self-replaced themselves and their oppression story. Is that sad or hilarious?


No comment.


Uncannily close for the past two years.


redpill vs fascist


So much for MGTOW relevance. The PUAs and MRAs are best off doubling down and sticking to what they know than signalling to such a small, quiet group.

Onto the Emma Watson ones for lolz, since she’s topical.


Yes, she has definitely raised some awareness.


Raised something.


I hope she’s sex-positive.


This was the last one. Hermione’s Patronus clocked more searches.

Don’t quit your day job, Emma. Oh wait, she did. 

this is awkward



And yet, this mixed race guy is saying the meme doesn’t work and hasn’t spread….


I’ve seen regular people fail to blink at the term, same with invaders.
It seems obvious, given recent headlines.
Note: I’m not saying he’s wrong per se, and we shouldn’t look for other memes too, but it’s a non-sequitur to say it’s been unsuccessful and should, he incorrectly deduces, be abandoned. It connotes death, and that’s what demographic decline is doing

What else do you want, an extinct species poster from 2025 with a white man, for offensive whiteness? A series of adverts you think is about pandas but then there’s some guy on a couch drinking a beer? A series of adverts from an SJW’s perspective along the immigrant rhetoric lines of We Want Them Out, with clips of insults – and it turns out to be about straight people?
(Go ahead if you want).

One more, let’s end on a hopeful note, shall we?

whitegenocide-not so cucked after all

Not so cucked, after all?

Once you take out the US skew, the uptick in the UK and Germany is astonishing.
But sure, trust the guy who keeps reminding us he’s mixed but white that the meme isn’t getting through because rhetoric never works on the average voter, right?

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