Trump supporters better people

For their society.


I want a Ghostbusters parody of SJWs hunting down white people.
One of the characters is called Django.

Meanwhile, in the Glorious U of K.

My knowledge of the Koran is rusty, but as part of taqiyya, they’re allowed to play friends right up until the day they break down your door in the night, beat you and slit your throat, as happened in places like Yugoslavia. Why do you think the mosques are importing firearms? To use on their neighbours in a Western-tech ethnic cleansing of the West.

I believe one of the phrases is “you may smile at the kuffar but in our hearts we curse them”.

Khan’s threats aren’t fooling anyone, even normies are now double-taking. Nobody really trusts the press anymore (see GE polling vs election results for proof).

The most concerning feature of the rumours is a series of uniforms going missing.
In a terrorist attack or time of civil unrest, who do you run to? Police, ambulancemen, soldiers.

Correction, it’s We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.

When you shake a hand, there could still be a knife in the other.

Jahiliyya means their laughable impression of cultural supremacy, expressed in mosques and political positions of power. Khan’s election consolidates this. I fail to see how starving your own people of water due to stupidity and abusing the vulnerable counts as ideal.,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Friendship_with_Non-Muslims

3 responses to “Trump supporters better people

  1. Your knowledge is indeed rusty. Taqiyya can only be used if you fear for your wellbeing and life. For example during an ethnic cleansing where they’re trying to kill all Muslims, you may claim you’re not a Muslim. Which is logical. Life is sacred. Anything else is deceiving and that is wrong and sinful. As for taking friends. It means you believe in those that believe in God over those that don’t and believe in Muslims over those that don’t follow Islam.

  2. I travel many miles every week in the deep south of the USA. I see far more Trump signs in yards of run down shacks than I do in big house yards.

    Just sayin’.

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