Video: What Western values?

As with most things in society, it’s men who set the tone.
I love how it’s a female modesty example from the late 20th century.
However, men began going around topless in the early 20th century while women were still wearing corsets.

There’s your Free the Nipple campaign.
The original hyper-liberals were male. You don’t get to blame us.

You don’t get to complain that women are doing the exact same thing.

Did men join hookup apps first, or women?
What was the first hookup app?
Who’s their demo?
Gay men.

Get your act together and women will come around.
Stop expecting us to lead, we aren’t the men!

When men drop their standards, women follow.

I’m not saying this is a permanent defect in men, quite the opposite. I point it out hoping you’ll listen and change.

Decide, is promiscuity culture worth it?

Be a man. Stick to your decisions.

Whatever culture men create, women will live in.
You have all the power.

Think of all the gay men and straight ones like the Topshop owner who control what women wear.
All the men in business and politics and running TV and film.

It’s commonly men complaining about this degeneracy but you’re the ones who wanted it in the first place, before slippery slope kicked in.

I’ve heard otherwise kind men say thoughtless things like “Why don’t women dress nice anymore?” And in the next breath, say that ladylike modesty in maxi skirts was ugly and no woman should ever wear them because he wants to see some gams.

Kevin-Hart-Really-o rlly lies

For irony, a Muslim sent me this. That’s how far gone we are. When Muslims can look over at our society and go “Woah, that’s dodgy” we have a serious problem in need of immediate remedy.

You wanted the Sexual Revolution? This is the inevitable result.
You don’t want this anymore? You have to roll it all back, or we’ll be in exactly the same place in 50 years.

This entire torrent of immorality is caused directly by the Sexual Revolution. The pleasure ride never stops. The hedonic treadmill will kill you first.

As for pedophiles, it’ll be the same logic train as other times.

First, it’s they’re not hurting anyone.
Second, it isn’t their fault, statistics incite prejudice.
Third, look at our dodgy science.
Fourth, muh equal rights.
Fifth, deserve protection.
Sixth, no discrimination or else.
Seventh, they did X and Y, so it’s OK.
Eighth, they can’t help it, bigot.
Ninth, give them sympathy. They suffer from this, and that makes them a good person.
Tenth, give them money and/or your children. Prove you aren’t a bigot.

People are entirely defined by their actions. Actions follow from plans. Plotting child rape in your head fits the mental criteria for mens rea.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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