False proclamations of love


“Those who speak the most of love towards man and humanity, of peace and union, are precisely those who hate the most their neighbor, their acquaintance. They love man the creation of their own imagination; they do not love man the reality. This worship of the idol «man» is in reality narcissism; it is the worship of the ego.

It would be naiveté, therefore, if one were to believe that the pacifist disposition that characterizes humanity today proceeds from love. These words about love are hypocrisy and self-deception. This desire for peace proceeds from loss of ideals, from fear, and from love of comfort. It is the desire to be left in peace to enjoy the good things of this earth.


It is the conventional co-operation for acquisition of goods which each person separately would not be able to acquire. It is a universal understanding upon something which has become the passion of the whole earth: sensualism and materialism. It is a product of necessity.

(sexualism, sensualism is an art thing)

The peace of which the world speaks is an unconditional capitulation of everything good and sacred and great, and the dominance of pettiness, mediocrity, and lukewarmness. It is the blotting out of the personality of individuals and of peoples. It is a marmalade of compromises and calculations, a sea of hypocrisy, indifference for truth, betrayal of everything holy and sacred.

War is a terrible thing, a result of the fall of man, and no one is about to praise it. But the peace for which the world is haggling is something infinitely more fearful. A fever is a very unpleasant thing, but it shows at least that the organism is reacting against something bad which has entered it. The peace which they wish to bring is not, unfortunately, that which comes from the victory over evil, but that which comes from defeat. It is the feverlessness of a corpse.”

I can’t find more of this but I want to read it. It deserved a place here.

What better way to take pride in the fall of your envied superior enemy (wrath), than to lust for his woman, steal his money, eat his food and enjoy the show (sloth) as he kills himself because you told him to, orders of the Secret Puppet Master, deceiving him as an act of love?

Satan is aka The Great Deceiver for a reason.
If I had to choose just one to exist, I wish there’d be a Hell so these people would burn in it. Words of goodness easily lead to evil deeds.

“I kill you because I love you.” The mentality of a psychotic parent who murders their child.

The r-types who aren’t self-aware to the K-shift (and become Paper Ks using conservative language to turn us against one another and ignore them in the fray, instead of leftist) will double down on the love talk as people are robbed, raped and murdered.

Did I say will?

That’s already happening.

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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