Molyneux on Brexit

paraphrased for clarity

If you want pensions, welfare, state education, healthcare, national resources, you must stop the people coming into your economy.”

“You cannot destroy what you do not own, have not built yourself. Everything you inherited, freedom of speech, association, voting, you do not have the right to destroy it, give it away, it is something you hold in trust. They’re not yours to give away. You do not own your culture or freedoms, they were handed down in blood. It is not even a choice, if you hold money in trust, you don’t get to spend it.”

Local problems, local solutions.

“If the conflicts were justified, no need to take them. If not, hold the elite accountable legally and put the politicians on war crimes trials. You don’t have the right to make choices for how your children will live and the society they live in. We don’t have that right.”

“70% of recent population growth is foreign immigration. Not compatible.”

“The UK is 2x more crowded than Germany, 3.5x than France. Britain is an island. They have the capacity to control immigration. Being part of the EU is going to undermine this. Once entitled to free movement, the people coming soon, that’s 3 million coming plus 7 million from Turkey. All legal. (welfare shopping)”

If you care about Muslims, stop immigration. The ones coming in (low IQ), wait a few generations to see if they can assimilate or will want to, it’s the big experiment, find out if it works! See if integration occurs. But 2nd gen are more radical than their parents. Resettle them in the Middle East, same culture, climate, language, it’s cheaper. 13x cheaper than bringing them to the US, you could resettle more that way. This is the great cruelty because you bring them, Third Worlders, surround them with welfare and because you bring so many in the situation is unsustainable. The money is going to run out and then what happens? They’re in a foreign country and can’t do anything. (cough London riots cough) It isn’t kind to them or those who come after you, it’s enabling. The average IQ is 81 in Muslim countries. More than a SD below Europeans. Cousin marriages shaves 10 IQ points off too, Islam is a brain destroying virus that spreads through miscegenation (you mean inbreeding, not outbreeding). They’re gonna fail in High IQ societies and refuse to take ownership of that failure, Dunning-Kruger, they’ll project it on the dominant culture and call you racist when Islam isn’t a race. They’ll fail and they’ll call you a racist anyway. Later it’s an irretrievable disaster. You can enforce British laws but they already draw welfare for extra wives. Leaders won’t solve this problem. Third World migrants vote Left and leaders want their votes, so they want the voters in to get their dopamine hit. Talk, protest, you don’t have the right to sell these freedoms or run up national debts. You can’t destroy your children’s future. They won’t benefit from the West because of their IQ. Brexit is the raising of the drawbridge when the Barbarians are coming. If you wish to survive, culturally and physically, break free of the orgy of self-hating self-destruction in the EU. Save yourself from the sinking ship. The momentum is clear, you must take control of your island back. They don’t care about you but getting their fix of power.”

“Brits were already punished for the Empire while under it. It’s all Hate Whitey (anti-white, say it Stef!), they’ll give you resources for it. Until they don’t. (white people are nice, until they aren’t meme) No sympathy, it’s noted, I’m getting fucking tired of it. Those who aren’t shocked are lost, soulless. The men of my family died by the dozens in wars and why? If they could come back they’d say we did not die for this. It is still a war of words and the blood sacrifice of our elders and the treasures it gave, and you’re giving it away because you’re scared of words? They’d say we had to face mustard gas and shrapnel and bombs. Still you will not have pride or love for your children, protect your freedoms and be honest? Hitler’s bombs could not drive the British out of London but multiculturalism has. This forced, -mashing together, of hostilities has done what Hitler could not. [almost says genocide, you can feel it] Yates said before the war, “After the carnage it is my hope people will listen to reason. Conflicts can still be solved by wars.” After he said “The falcon cannot hear the falconer, things fall apart… the ceremony of innocence is drowned, the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Give up hope — action alone will save everything we hold dear in this world.


It’s genocide in Tibet though, right? When the Chinese do it?

The EU will go down in history as economic oppression (EEC) then anti-white genocide by Government fiat. 

We are a colony of the EU. We have imperialist masters in Brussels writing our law and not a single shot was fired for Germany to rule us and shape our policies. We won battles. Did we lose the war?

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