What’s the true cause of degeneracy?

He’s at it with the confirmation bias again.


And with the admission of a culture war and 4th Gen warfare, how disappointing.

Trust the blokes to see only war. Women see it more objectively, in this case.

Which focus acts as a societal preventative for degeneracy?
The nuclear family.

Where did that go? Why was America alright for an entire generation after WW2?
Why was Switzerland fine (HBD notwithstanding) in prior centuries?

What’s the true cause of degeneracy?

Everytime I hear some history snob say it’s peace I want to grab him by the lapels of his cheap suit, shake it and go-

“It’s the Sexual Revolution, you fools!”

Every society that began celebrating sexuality (let’s call it sexualism when it’s really hedonism) has degenerated. Sex is the most potent force known to man, it’ll obliterate your culture better than any nuclear bomb.

Slut Walks are the harbinger of Apocalypse.
Men feed into this, and for the single ones, porn.
Would you give up sex if single, and porn, to save your country?

The countries that remained peaceful but resisted Sexual Revolution e.g. parts of Asia, maybe Russia ignoring politics, those places are still relatively okay. However, the harder a culture embraced sex as a sedative to its problems, the worse it degraded (America being Sodom, King Capital of degeneracy).

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m tired of being lectured to by Americans about degeneracy. Clean house, and then we’ll talk.

Every ancient Empire that fell had tons of wars, smaller battles and riots – what killed them was hedonism.

This is so obvious I can’t believe I have to point it out.

The 60-70 year peace was a giant experiment into sexuality and making the sexes androgynous. Clearly it was doomed.

Yet, the men have a vested interest in keeping a hyper-inflated Sexual MarketPlace, even as they decry the evils of the fiat currency system and the likes of QE.

Why would men feel like fighting when they have the evolutionary reward of fighting – sex!

laughing lol haha liar liar

What are the feminists pushing?
What is considered an entitlement?
What has a chemical effect of sedating the brain because it hasn’t yet caught up to the existence of contraception?
Why did the immigrants go to the place with all the white women?
What potent psychological force do the Left think will turn immigrants docile?
What is the one thing to sate the brain when the amygdala is irritated?

The birth rates are also kept low by abortion, where people aren’t too distracted by their phones to have sex (Gen Y has less than their parents). First Worlders are acting like Africans (over-inflated SMP, no paternity, no money, lazy) and with the same results.

But sure, ignore the obvious. I guess this all matches up by complete coincidence. Without sex to dangle, the feminists would have no power over the males in their group. They hate shaming about their manipulativeĀ sex lives! It’s all so obvious to other women! Why do you think even sluts hate befriending other sluts! Low-trust society ding ding ding!
If all the modern circuses, nightclubs and bars, were closed tomorrow, how quickly do you think people would wake up without the distractions of one another?

Libido can be creative (see the Victorians) or destructive (case study, now).
The culture war weaponizes the most ancient and primal desire to destroy the First World.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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