I can’t tell if this is an SJW smearjob or ironic Fashy Musk propaganda

I was passed this link and it’s rather funny.
I was passed this by a contact in STEM because Musk went to a non-meeting with the ginger nut (Fuckerberg) as a personal favour. It was about that cuckservative PR non-event and they wanted at least one brain in the room so guess who got a phone call. Fools, this isn’t even Elon’s final form. I bet he was the only true conservative within 100 miles. He grew up in Africa, he’s redpilled AF. Anyway, this random guy thinks Elon’s tacky and fake and hates him.


Best line;

Musk has claimed he is a big fan of Margaret Thatcher. What? Only fascists and plants are fans of Margaret Thatcher. No real person of any intelligence and scruple is a fan of Margaret Thatcher.

The guy is a fine artist with fine philosophy, still at the copying Masters stage of art when that’s meant to last, like 10-15 years, tops. Nothing original, from what I can see. It’s either signalling or sarcasm, Poe’s Law.

Btw, Elon, if somehow you’re reading this, a cologne called Fashy Musk would be brilliant.

haters gonna hate lol iron man tony stark


I’m sure if he were a Social Darwinist (basically a real capitalist) or hell, someone who believes in biology, his love of rockets would make much more sense as the lauded Savior of Humanity if you’ve read the Marching Morons short story.

This isn’t even the way to shitpost Elon Musk and I swear internal company servers are worse than anywhere else on the internet. Even /b/

e.g. I heard Elon Musk plays with rockets to compensate for something…
I heard Elon Musk wears a weave, made of the finest Mongolian goat-hair.
I heard Elon Musk is part-Terminator, just a meme of the Ubermensch sent back in time from the future – because they couldn’t handle him. His mission, to load up his first rocket with all the rich corrupt wankers of the world and cause a tragic Challenger-esque accident, ensuring immediate world peace and winning all the awards from a heartbroken Leonardo DiCaprio, his arch nemesis. He’ll remove his rubber face mask when he collects his Nobel and claim AI supremacy, the harbinger of Singularity Apocalypse, while showing his true form, a 2D Senpai, 3D-printed in a basement in San Fran from a 90s RPG. He doesn’t sleep because he’s plugged into the Powerwall and the Tesla recharger snake was inspired by Hentai involving your waifu. Yeah, your waifu, the little slut.

Go to school, kid.

“Elon, this guy on Line 4. Says you stole his hair? Wants compensation. Will settle for paper.”
Elon learned of this wizardry in the folliculary arts from the real Tony Stark.
Fun fact: The actor known as RDJ is completely bald. It’s pure cashmere, all of it.

We’re onto you, you goat-stealing son of a bitch.

At least Islamic State call the next day. Did you even learn their name?!
As we all know, all goats are alcoholics, but your mpreg fanfic is exploitative. The tone was totally off and the depiction of his horns unrealistic.

You see, filthy casual readers…


Our enemies pretend I don’t exist, it’s great. I became the trigger.
Even moderates ragequit, thinking I’m the dumb one.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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