Humans are meant to eat meat, deal with it


Shrinkage is literally a thing.

I’m tired of explaining basic biology to people with an overt thought disorder. Brain fog at least (common with liberals, confused at simple logic).

Nobody who knows anything about the evolution and function of the human brain would argue for an exclusion diet, they are actively bad for your health whatever you are actually eating, especially considering the nutrient-density of meat and dairy products. To exclude them is stupid.

Grains, I’m open-minded. Modern grains have higher gluten content than ancient grains from special breeding (not to be confused with GMO) over the centuries, for instance.
If you tried to live off the land in European winter without meat, you’d die. No fruit, no grains, no special pills. Darwin doesn’t give a shit. What these people really want is to weaken their social competition, and studies have shown many of the Special Diet crowd ‘cheat’ on it, especially when drunk. They lie. They lie about what they eat like they lie about their politics, disingenuous people don’t change with the topic. If everyone else went vegan, they’d be delighted, while secretly scoffing on steak and chips. They’d have the calories, the metabolic energy to outcompete their genetic superiors. In the case of women, we’d be too weak to resist a rape attempt. It’s dark Darwinism.

I’ll put it this way: ask them if they’d ban the rearing and sale of meat.
If they say No, they’re wolfing it on the quiet.

Whatever I keep reading either twists the science by claiming something the evidence doesn’t support or they try to morally guilt-trip and preach, despite how God made the animals in the Bible expressly for us to eat.

done with this shit downton

Need dat Vit B.

2 responses to “Humans are meant to eat meat, deal with it

  1. Brain shrinkage, no… kidding. LMAO
    Proud omnivore. My metabolism is so fast I have to eat steadily all day. Without meat I would never be able to get up from the table.
    I did learn to hunt and butcher to avoid the hypocrisy of always having someone else kill my meat.

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