So-called liberals given up on liberty, inner Mao comes out
Where freedom is violence.

‘Here’s my prediction: Safe spaces will continue to spread across campuses. And from there, the colonization project will really begin in earnest. Public institutions, schools, and even the home. And colonization is the right word, because the logic of a “safe space” is entirely alien to traditional notions of liberty.’

Sticks and stones
…but words can never hurt me.
We need these on t-shirts in those cannons you Yanks like.
You’re supposed to be offended when you’re learning, the curriculum used to have that moral authority, the power dynamic where you are not equal or you wouldn’t be paying for a service. Now it talks about the mystique of period blood and how you shouldn’t covet your neighbour’s ass, but eat it.

‘And as they graduate into the upper echelons of American life, paying the lion’s share of taxes, they’ll demand the same of fellow citizens, too.’

They’re fascists.
Do what I say – or else. Here they try to get you arrested.
At least historical fascists used to fight their own battles.
Rhetorical repression makes any trauma worse.
As for parenting, well, that actually makes sense. With imported rapists and the low trust melting pot society, children are at greater risk. Intellectual protection rackets are the problem, and a Boomer problem. There are no dangerous ideas.

All SJWs want is control of other people to make up for their miserable lives.
With that control, they will make others miserable, because narcissists are happy when everyone else isn’t.

Normality sickens and upsets them. They must cause a fuss.

I mean, this was obvious with the projection of Gay Pride parades.

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