You never know who you’re messing with

until it’s too late to back out.

And people like me get to watch.

teadrinking sipping pretentious sarcastic bitch mmhmm not my problem lol

This guy gets it.

When you’ve been in the presence of such people, it’s unmistakable. If you’re unsure, you haven’t.

I was raised to remember the people who are most dangerous seldom look that way. Disrespect the weak, never the strong. This improves the weak, far from being cruel.

It makes me laugh when morons (yes, mainly PUAs) try to signal as a psychopath.

You do know that offends them, right?

It draws them in?

They take it as a challenge?

Like, eventually, if they keep pulling that stunt, they’re going to meet one?

5 responses to “You never know who you’re messing with

  1. True story: I was taken to jail one night when I was 18 for public intoxication (right after eating a honey bun and drinking a carton of milk, indicative of someone not very drunk… and I wasn’t). Nevertheless, the cop had a hardon for me and took me in anyway. the charges were dropped later, which is another cool story

    As I was walking around the drunk tank with about 20 other people (all concrete “cots” were taken), an old nemesis of mine walked up and took out a knife (how he got it in, I don’t know) and said he was going to cut me open.

    From a hulk laying on a cot close to us, a voice said, “You better put that away or I’m a gonna make you eat it.”

    It was an old friend Billy Wayne’s Dad, Billy Ray. Billy Ray was a legend around our parts. He was the baddest sumbitch that walked around those days.

    The guy very quickly put the knife away and started saying stuff like “I was just kidding”, “I would never hurt him”, etc.

    Billy Wayne told me to sit next to him. He sat up and I noticed this set of sutures in his side. The cut must have been 18 inches long. Someone had tried to cut him open (succeeding), but then Billy Ray (with his guts hanging open) beat that man into a coma and ended up in jail for a long time.

    This is but one story I can tell of this man who was seriously the baddest sumbitch I’ve ever known. I’m sure he was a psychopath. But at least he was a psychopath that was nice to me.

    Believe me… I kept my distance because he would turn on someone in an instant and beat the crap out of them for no good reason. I saw him do it to his son many times.

    I’m glad he’s dead now.

    • Psychopaths are big on manners. Well, the ones I’ve known. If you’re respectful, they reciprocate. Yet I’ve heard so many blogs advising men to go round starting trouble – I wonder how many have died because of it. Darwin Awards candidates. Real psychopaths can read someone on sight, and no amount of acting will make them back off (fearless). Strangely, most are protective of the good and take on a guard role, like the time you described. The bad ones hit the news and prison system and then media and books. The good ones like me too, it’s an honesty thing. Great story.

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