Funnies and Thinkies

Let’s get the 3 anti-Trump ones out of the way because these are the rare times they make a valid point.

The child has always been the man’s legal responsibility and property until very recently. Blaming one half exclusively made him look retarded and it certainly wasn’t based on any conservatism I know, which holds men responsible for their own immorality.


In the context of the above one, it’s fair. Of course, Trump would never criticize slutty men, being one himself.


Very rich, still looking for the class.
I’ve posted enough pro-Trump stuff that I hope there won’t be some idiot in the comment section who can’t see the difference between baseless hatred and valid criticism.


Yep, because all those posts of other guy’s abs aren’t homoerotic at all.
Keep telling yourself women like bodybuilders more than the lightly muscled, against all the science into preferences.

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If a woman is raped after choosing to be alone with the man, she is less likely to be believed. We know this.
Actually, those whiners who say women never used to be frightened of men (and something about over-reaction) are dead wrong – why else do you think we had chaperones? Why do you need to be left all alone with us so badly? In fact, women are more trusting of men in a solitary situation than any other time in history; if anything, we should bring back chaperones – but you (whiners) were planning on forcing yourself on her without someone present to prize you off or let her go easily, so we know you’ll oppose actual Patriarchal measures like that. You know, that protect women from unwanted advances.
Too many young men raised on a steady diet of porn fail to realize, being quite stupid, that simply being alone with a man is not a sexual invite. Ever. Their desperation clouds their judgment.


How would they even treat their own wounds? Have you seen what real katanas do to bamboo?


They sit and talk in front of a camera for a living and mistake that for anyone caring about them as a person. Or their opinion.


Anti-capitalists are hilarious. I’ve actually seen the second argument from people who want to murder the living for their organs. How am I responsible for the bodies of other people? Isn’t it their body, their choices or something? Odd lot.

contr deserveotherentitled

It was going so well.
I keep seeing manosphere posts to the effect of ‘Perfect Woman Will Come Into Your Life – Here’s How to Get Her! Whether she’s willing or not!’
And I just-

what wtf wut confused shocked are you seeing this omfg how

The male equivalent of the “I Deserve” girls.

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Didn’t he get threatened to stop realtalking?


4 responses to “Funnies and Thinkies

  1. Is that a young sherlock?
    Good stuff.
    I figure Trump is all about the triggering right now. I seriously doubt he will do anything drastic without consulting experts. Seems to be his MO.

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