Adult temper tantrums

Called it.

Seen At 11: Adults Throwing Temper-Tantrums Could Be Suffering From Disorder

h/t Anonymous Conservative

I know plenty online will be laughing at this, but consider how many men are triggered by a woman’s refusal to send nude photos like a whore and you’ll understand why this problem isn’t limited to SJWs. These adults should be held legally responsible for causing a public nuisance. It’s antisocial behaviour.

Expectation violation = Rage

Terms like ‘intermittent explosive disorder’, this already exists.

They are selfish and lack empathy. When attempts to control their environment fail, their emotional maturity drops back to toddler levels. Don’t blame the parents, these are adults we’re talking about and much like a toddler, these are also manipulation attempts trying to force other adults to acquiesce to their demands.. There are no excuses. If you can vote, you can sort your shit. This needs to be publicly recognized as controlling behaviour.

4 responses to “Adult temper tantrums

  1. Oh but now that we have an approved name for it, it’s a medical problem and NOT MY FAULT!!!
    People will be claiming this for their very own.
    Rabbit amygdala for everyone!!!!

    • One of the modern myths re mental disease awareness (call it disease and watch them recoil) is how having one absolves one of responsibility (really agency). In fact, a mentally ill person is meant to be held more accountable, to themselves, to their rehabilitation and to those around them.

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