The EU will kill the NHS

It doesn’t like competition monopolies.

A lot of Lefties are looking at that and say it can’t be true. Total denial.

Well, if you look at the facts, the EU has the legal power above all our courts to disband the NHS, especially if we vote for ‘ever closer union’ aka the innocuous sounding Remain. They’ll claim they have a mandate to do anything they want. They’ve had years to create NHSs in other countries and they didn’t. Insurance (a form of usery) makes a lot more money.

The Left wing have the most reason to vote Leave.
If they don’t, when the NHS falls they have only themselves to blame.

Well it isn’t equal if we get shoddy operations for free and French people don’t, is it?

TLDR: Yes. Yes it does.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the EU Agenda 21 and ‘sustainability’ genocides.

The EU ‘regions’ plan they’ve tried before to enact against public will.

Click to access regionmap.pdf

Again, you can have welfare state or open borders – you cannot have both.

And what’s Merkel’s response?

Threats and fist-shaking.

Even nuSJW publications see the looming threat of TTIP

Rapefugees’ health or your own?


Too many people.
We have low fertility in Europe, the NHS should be making money. Instead, it’s a black hole.

Whose fertility is racking up the debts?

He’s right.

But mathematically, it’s already unsustainable.

Imagine a see-saw with taxpayers and users.

There are too many parasites already within the country, even Emma Saint Watson is going Galt with her finances. They’re already charging for things that are necessities e.g. topical creams, antibiotics, to accommodate the ‘new arrivals’.

The NHS will fail unless we deport the drains of massive families looking for gibs.
Anyone who says differently cannot do maths.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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