Was de-criminalizing suicide a bad idea?

I’m thinking aloud on this one but the numbers don’t add up.

This also pertains to cultural decline theory.

Suicide Act 1961 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Eliz2/9-10/60
Ruling self-murder somehow legal, one of the most liberal policies in history and all passed with pathos. Self-murder became legal before the death penalty was abolished in 1964. What slippery slope?

suspicious eye narrowing

Ethically, why should killing a body you don’t own be illegal, yet killing the one you’re responsible for be absolutely fine? Where’s the deterrent? Why is hanging illegal for the Government to do anymore but a-OK in one’s own home? If there’s no link between murder and suicide, how is murder-suicide a thing? When the act (actus reus) and the mindset (mens rea) of murder are exactly the same, but the target is different, how is this not murder? Why is killing a person suddenly meant to be acceptable?

They can argue with nothing but emotional appeals.
However, this is no excuse. You can’t kill your boss because you hate him.

Well, we have the data now, where’s the evidence it succeeded? I cannot find any. Nobody wants to collect the data, it reminds me of climate ‘science’. If anyone has time trend data for total numbers, please direct me. It seems like the people responsible for gathering it are hiding it. I found a grand total of 1 (one) study, and it wasn’t even on total numbers because it’s the Question Which Must Not Be Named.


Red line I added for 1961, when legalization passed.

from http://ije.oxfordjournals.org/content/39/6/1464/F1.medium.gif

You would expect to see rates drop in the late 19th and 20th century with psychiatry. Considering these tools, there should be less suicides altogether because the people who would have done it are being treated. However, not only does the rate remain constant, but considering the availability of various medications and treatments for free, combined with the ability of doctors to bring back more people every passing year, the number of potential/willing suicides must be higher to sustain the previous levels of completion.
from http://ije.oxfordjournals.org/content/39/6/1464/F2.medium.gif


Note: 19th century data didn’t have the psychiatry tools to treat mental illness, the largest cause of suicide by far. Why did more women want to kill themselves during the heyday of feminism?

Source study: http://ije.oxfordjournals.org/content/39/6/1464.long

It does also dismiss a common manosphere myth: men have always been a higher suicide (self-murder) risk as long as records have been taken i.e. you cannot blame modern society, it is a feature of male nature as a trend stable over time and the violence (all counts higher in men too, I’m sure that’s a coincidence) happens to be self-directed. The study concludes the changing risk profile of men is due to mental health,
dismissing another manosphere myth i.e. men are in fact the more mentally ill sex. Here’s the definitive proof, because you can’t get more crazy than offing yourself. Why do men feel useless? Well, suicide dropped sharply during times of war. Read into that what you will about innate male purpose versus the MRA bitching about disposability.

What seems to have reduced the male suicide rate? The Sexual Revolution.

“The male rate was consistently higher than the female rate over the entire time period, although the male-to-female (sex) ratio rose from 3.3 in 1861 to 4.0 in 1886 and 1906 and subsequently declined steadily to its lowest level (1.5) in 1966 before increasing again to around 3.9 in the mid-1990s.”

I’d love to see a breakdown of suicide by SES. I’ll bet it’s the gamma, delta, omega etc. The failures. The losers.

Don’t see many successful people doing it, do you?

OT: Look at this American chart of suicides.

It seems people want to check out before the system collapses.

Living American men have never had it so good, the MRAs are being intellectually dishonest again in their bitching. They avoid the question: bad compared to when? They’re expecting equal outcomes as much as the feminists, except they want to blame feminists for the actions of a third party. Well if third parties are responsible for the actions of an agent, I guess all men are responsible for allowing the rapists in their midst to continue raping? See the faulty logic yet? I mean, you’re allowing it to happen, which is, apparently, exactly the same as causing it.

Kevin-Hart-Really-o rlly lies

Back to the economic bailout, checking out before the economy kills you anyway (this would explain male failure in his provider gender role i.e. you cannot think the provider role is good and then complain about failures or in metaphor, make an omelette and complain of broken eggs). For every standard, there will be losers.


From wikipedia (sorry, data is oddly hard to find);
“Researchers and sociologists have identified several causes for the high rate of suicide in the country; these include recent recessions, unemployment, austerity measures and loneliness. Research undertaken by The Samaritans suggested that mental-health issues of middle-aged men and loss of masculine pride and identity are also
major factors behind the high rate of suicide.”
And the manosphere, while bemoaning the suicide rate, blames women….
Rather than address the known issue, proven by data: their pride (code for narcissism).

Maybe their ego is causing that loneliness issue?

8 responses to “Was de-criminalizing suicide a bad idea?

  1. Living American men have never had it so good

    Perhaps you should be a bit more specific. I am an American male (mid 50’s). I can attest that I do NOT have better off than ever before.

    But relating to suicide: if you ever hear that I committed suicide, I guarantee you it is a lie. As long as my wife and child breathe, so will I.

  2. If I’m not allowed to kill myself, what am I allowed to do? I didn’t choose to be born. So I should be allowed to kill myself.

    Suicide and murder are nothing alike. Murder is deciding for someone else that they should die. Suicide is deciding for yourself. Suicide is the ultimate expression of freedom of choice.

    • A brain who thinks it’s a good idea is diseased. It is impossible to make that choice, and looking at the regret reports, they weren’t in their right minds. Why would societal approval matter, if they meant it? And suicide is called self-murder, yeah, they are related.

      • According to this logic, I can rape and kill as many people as I can.

        No girl, you can’t refuse sex. Your brain is disease. Therefore we will have sex against your will and you might realize later that it’s a good idea.

        Calling a suicidal mind ‘diseased’ is just another fancy name for thought crime.

      • You’re comparing suicide to rape. Poor analogy fallacy. Instant loss. Sex isn’t a need, hence the term sexual desire. Oh, you’re a scientologist, let’s hope you never have a stroke or something because treatment for diseases of the brain couldn’t work on you.

      • So is respect. That isn’t free from others either.
        You are full of shit. There is no such thing as a right to sex, rights regard your own body exclusively, and there’s this handy thing called masturbation, the body cannot tell the difference.
        You denied psychiatry.

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