Video: Dealing with a narcissist

They crave empaths and hint you could fix them.

You can’t fix cray.

A lot of overt narcissists end up with covert narcissists, who enjoy complaining about being with a narcissist.

But empaths, where temporarily held (they never stay), are held down and kept meek by everyone else, because an assertive empath is incredibly powerful. Also, incredibly rare. Most empaths bully themselves, we call this neurosis or anxiety. Many others use them too.

Come to accept and feel your disgust for narcissists fully and you’ll cease being attracted to them. Brilliantly, if you become self-assured enough with matching boundaries, they’ll be repelled by you.
Their whole life is a lie. They’re that little kid insisting their dad is an astronaut one day, a pilot the next. They’ll never amount to anything because they bounce from Snake Oil trick to trick, incapable of commitment. That’s the main way to spot them aside from the emotional leeching – they never stick to anything.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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