re Brock Turner

This even reached me, on hotel wifi.

You chose to drink alcohol? She didn’t say no, because she was unconscious? But you’re otherwise a Really Nice Guy (TM)?

Let me make this very clear.

There is no excuse for rape.
There is no excuse for rape.

If middle class white men can get away with this when they should be hanged, then the feminists are right about us.

I may joke about American Psycho, but  it’s a joke because these r-types think money makes morality.
Do not make excuses for your demographic. That is what the Left does. Rape is more disgusting than murder, at least murder victims don’t suffer long. The actions a person takes tell you who they are.

In other r-type news.

If a man is accused of rape, it’s probably true. Saying he’s innocent before you’ve seen the evidence (and there must be evidence to go to court) makes you as bad as the people who assume any white person is guilty.
I have a feeling a lot of the men defending this scumbag are only defending him because he’s a ‘man’ and if they were in the same position (how r-types think), they’d want to get away with it. At least, that’s how you all look to the rest of the world. I hate it when the feminists are right. He admits to doing it. He did it, there was no contract of consent between the two parties and he admits it and that action makes him a rapist, even if he hadn’t admitted it. It’s either sex, with consent, otherwise, it’s always rape (consent is never assumed). There is no excuse. He is remorseless and seems to think this is minor (Daddy’s Money can get me out of this, so rabbity), trying to talk his way out of it (r-types lie) and finds the suffering he’s caused amusing (welcome to reputation-ville, bitch). We should be stringing people like that up, they’re no better than the rapefugees. Plot twist: get the hangman really drunk, so he can’t help making the snotty bastard suffer first.

Manosphere, false rape accusations are RARE (Burden of Proof is on you). Those rarely go to court, and then they’re thrown out. Should we punish perjury? Yes, when anyone does it, even if they’re male, white and rich. Otherwise, special accommodation by the law is a bloody privilege. But we should punish even harder the detritus like this.

The rapists always pretend they’re innocent because muh dick excuse, even as they’re admitting they did it. There is no such thing as an excuse for rape. Theft, you might need to eat. Murder, you may be in mortal peril. Rape? NO EXCUSE. It’s called masturbation. Sex isn’t a need, it’s a desire, the body naturally expels the relevant fluids during sleeping hours. 

If a bloke will rape a woman without remorse, lying in court is a breeze.

You don’t just need to get your mud dicks cleansed, we have these monsters among ethnic Europeans too. We should treat them more cruelly in my opinion, so divorced from their heritage their actions. It’s closer to the average in non-Whites and their culture endorses it.

  • A child falls into a gorilla pen.
  • We kill the gorilla.
  • Man jumps into a lion cage.
  • We kill the lion.
  • Man is bitten by shark.
  • We kill the shark.
  • Rapist ruins at least one woman’s life, she would literally be better off dead than what he did to her.
  • Oh let’s be nice to him and forget all about it because he has a hobby??!!!



The EU equivalent, gang rape by white men is now a “forced sex party”.

4 responses to “re Brock Turner

  1. No question. Put him out of our misery. What happened to fathers, brothers, cousins, grandpas? Nobody steps up anymore.

    It is a brilliant A-R ad. Do people still read magazines?

    Try not to get too exercised. Remember, it’s rabbits all the way down and there aint no stopping it.

    This might interest you.
    Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies

  2. Hmm, I wonder if Bill Clinton ever got on these feminists’ lists. All that passive aggressiveness would’ve caused a bigger scandal, but they like to pick and choose who to go after.

    You write,

    “If a man is accused of rape, it’s probably true. Saying he’s innocent before you’ve seen the evidence (and there must be evidence to go to court) makes you as bad as the people who assume any white person is guilty.”

    Wait, wait, wait, there’re a few problems with this reasoning. Let me give an example.

    Lena Dunham accused a man of raping her in college. That man was thrown in front of people like the ones you show here and eviscerated. He was completely innocent, but that never stopped Dunham from doing what she did and she never got punished for it, despite her openly molesting her own sister. Emma, the Mattress Girl, said she was raped, and then made a pornographic video featuring rape play – yes it is a thing, DS, some women do indeed get off on scenarios of forced sex – and framed innocent men.

    On the other side, we have the Steubenville rape case, where boys took turns raping an unconscious girl, filming it all. No one did a thing. Feminists and the people mentioned are getting what they asked for: men are stepping aside because women said they could handle it all by themselves.

    Now, as for false rape accusations, you say they are rare and that before you’ve seen the evidence, you can’t say he’s innocent. That’s quite unfair, and to use your example: if a white man or woman said a minority had called him or her a racial epithet and had been filmed by bystanders, but the minority said the opposite, without the evidence, that white person is immediately guilty by proxy, based on whoever appears to be antagonistic.

    Evidence is especially needed in rape cases. Like it or not. And it prevents the rapist from getting out again. In terms of an innocent man being accused of rape – yes it DOES happen, and women have the power to destroy him. Decent men are ruined by accusations of rape. It is one of the worst things he can do. If a woman has sex with him and decided she didn’t enjoy it, she can say the man raped her. She will be believed. And an innocent man goes to prison.

    • If it goes to court. Legal accusation. If it goes to count, logically there must be enough evidence for the prosecution.
      My point was a legal one, not court of public stupidity. It was 100% about evidence. You’re talking about non-legal accusations, which have no merit.

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