Brexit news

Forgive the formatting I’m writing from a swish bar.
“Cleese accused Mr Juncker of “threatening” Britain and branded David Cameron’s attempts at reform a failure as he revealed he will be supporting Vote Leave on June 23.
He also said Britain had been “swimming against the tide” in its bid to bring about change in Brussels, where bureaucrats had taken away “any trace of democratic accountability”.
The actor then dismissed claims Britain would struggle to set up free trade deals after leaving the EU, writing: “There’s been trading for millenia…I can’t see that stopping.”

boom suck it
“The warning comes as a Foreign Office minister warned Britain will be completely powerless to stop the creating of an EU army.”
They’ve already started blaming us. The EU is selling assets to pay its debts and the member states are rebelling. It’s already over.

When will they announce the EU Army tax? June 24th?
What about EU Army Conscription? I hope Owen Jones will sign up, with all the other pro-EU luvvies. You wanted these rulers, you fight for them. Nobody else. Don’t expect others to die defending your non-cause. There won’t be mental illness exemptions, they need able bodies. This could end up backfiring on them beautifully. Let them make this bed for themselves, ask them if they’d be OK with joining an EU Army. And what about national armies? Won’t they be competing to suppress dissent in a foreign nation? Doesn’t that include dissent from domestic militia?

First the EU will suppress crime, then the natives of the countries they invade. Including local monarchy, military and citizenry. The Left always show its totalitarian face eventually.

There wouldn’t be a Europe if we hadn’t saved it countless times.

Good. They want to go? We don’t have to support their NHS or free University education. Yeah, they get it free unlike us.

But there’ll be no buyers. It’s like art collectors, they never expect to sell it out because they know they bought it at the top (we have property auctions now). It’s a Ponzi. Sure, let ’em buy. Suckers. When the economy tanks we’ll buy it back for cheap. There’ll also be less demand from foreign renters. Go right on ahead, morons. You have no use for that space. It’s dead weight to you.

We aren’t angry about the times they listen to us. We’re angry about the times and fact they don’t have to. That they can take our money and ignore us makes us an EU colony, a vassal state with overseas sovereignty. If Parliament can be over-ruled, what’s the use in having it? There’s a doctrine in EU law called supremacy. Member states as we’re called, object to this principle. Where do they get the right to order us around, if we’re all equal? They didn’t invade us, they don’t own us.

Btw, they’re building ghettos on green spaces now.
“On the ITV Ten O’Clock News that followed, Allegra Stratton, the Political Editor challenged Mr Farage’s figures, and said that the correct figure was in fact a home every six or seven minutes.”
Yes, that makes all the difference.

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

Reality pops all their bubbles eventually.
For people who aren’t class traitors, we see they’re replacing us. For labour, votes, charity and ‘culture’.
The people who sneer at us for our culture are apologizing for the Islamic ‘culture’ that led to murder of their fellow gays. We think they’re crazy and no longer want their approval because obviously they side with the bad guys.

Even the Labour leader, a Communist, privately wants Brexit.

His speeches are sarcastic.

‘Labour is betraying its supporters by campaigning to stay in the EU, with freedom of movement “undermining pay and job conditions for the very working-class people we should be representing.”

Ms Hoey added: “Uncontrolled immigration is fine for the metropolitan middle classes as they search for a good-value nanny or a competitively priced cleaner. But outside London and the big cities, this abundant supply of cheap labour is not necessarily a guaranteed boon. It can be a curse – driving down wages, taking jobs from the locals, as well as putting pressure on schools and health services.”

She continued: “It is not anti-immigrant, xenophobic or racist to point this out. It is common sense, and it is what Labour MPs in those areas should be doing.””

Whatever happens, this vote is too important to allow.

Either 1. it’ll be rigged, 2. they’ll ignore it as a protest vote because referenda aren’t legally binding because 3. according to Parliament, they altered the law so this referendum cannot be recounted a second time. For example, if people thought it was rigged.

TLDR: No recounts allowed.

The Left is eating itself.

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