Link: Open Letters to Brock Turner

Father writes powerful open letter to Stanford rapist’s father

He is also quite dumb:

I don’t believe your son is a monster but he acted like one and that needs to be accounted for.

That means he is a monster. What other standard is there but chosen actions?

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TLDR: stop blaming women for the actions of predatory men. Men have agency and legal responsibility for themselves and their actions. You can’t have it both ways: you can’t claim women suffer from hypoagency then claim the same when accused of a crime.

Alcohol is an excuse to behave badly. You are still responsible if you get behind a wheel when drunk or operate machinery when drunk/high. You chose those things.
They magically sober up quickly when consequences are involved e.g. police arrive.

Consent cannot be given in altered states of consciousness, it obviates consent. People shouldn’t have sex then, at those times. Unless it’s pre-arranged with a known partner. How is this hard to comprehend? Yes, this includes male rape, the standards apply to everyone. If they want to screw you, they can wait until you’re sober and their answer shouldn’t change. If you want to take advantage of a weakened state, then yeah, you’re a rapist.
The bro-types think they can stick their dick in crazy and walk away without consequences. Casual sex is risky for all involved. Don’t do it if you dislike the risks. This includes pregnancy and STIs.

Most male rapes happen when he is drunk too. Doesn’t count as sex either! The female rapists choose to strike then knowing he’ll be ashamed.

Without so-called hookup culture, which about 30% engage in and less even like, none of this would need to be emphasized. Clothes aren’t an invite. Women got raped in petticoats and nowadays dressed like men. Predators select victims based on desire and strategy of getting away with it, not a particular hemline. Should we ban short skirts? Is that what these sexist pricks want? No, they want us to wear miniskirts and still blame us if someone else attacks us. Why wear nice clothes? You deserved being mugged. – facile bad logic

Even when they clearly did it by ISIS standards (testimony of two men) and he is remorseless, you’re still playing the ‘false accusation’ card? Accusations must be kept anonymous but we must presume if it goes to trial, there is evidence. Would you treat a male victim differently? (Answer: yes, and they presume any female victim is a feminist faking it, which is terrible).

This is why people think you’re sexist. If all you see is his sex (male) and assume he is the victim.

All adults are responsible for their own actions. All she did was get drunk, shall we ban all alcohol? She wasn’t even around men, this isn’t Saudi Arabia, an unchaperoned woman isn’t legitimate prey. Women should be allowed to walk around alone without being attacked, men too! No victim blaming! STAHP!

All adults are responsible for their actions. Male rapists, female rapists, male pedophiles, female pedophiles. All need harsher sentences. We have agency, that includes men. You don’t get to claim it magically disappeared.

Because the crime is abhorrent, stop focusing on the face.

If we let off the straight white male for a clear case of evil rape, then the feminists have a point about white privilege and I hate saying that. Prosecute the criminals, whatever they may be. Be fair. 

Slightly OT: consent isn’t assumed and requires certain factors to legally count e.g. presence of mind.
Sex without valid consent is rape. Anything less than consent is rape. Consent from a minor is rape, even when it’s a male student, he is incapable of legally giving valid consent.

See how this works?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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