Men commit suicide when they fail to get power

Tell me I’m wrong.

Tell me it isn’t the low SES. Or newly low SES.

Women don’t do this because we aren’t dumb. We take up a vice like alcoholism to numb the pain.

Men need to learn coping strategies when their parents and teachers’ lies about being special collide hard with reality. Its name? Dunning Kruger.

Special people don’t need to be told. They do the work and get the shekels.
The failures look for excuses and self-pity is a disease. It’ll kill you. By making you kill yourself.

The MRAs are wrong on this, the response should not be the learned helplessness of victimhood and rumination  (proven to cause depression).

Nobody can break through their male pride if they refuse to admit a problem. These are adults we’re talking about, and thus they are responsible for seeking the free treatment (in Europe) available. We shouldn’t be treating grown men like babies, that’s part of the problem. If we treat them as weak, they’re more likely to kill themselves.

We need to empower them with coping strategies and life plans so they don’t feel aimless, useless and like failure is a permanent state. They need to use CBT to come up with new goals since the old ones were based on delusions.

Want someone to blame?  Look to their You Can Do No Wrong and Failure is Impossible parents.
That is irrational. They have false beliefs making them feel terrible about themselves.

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