Multivitamins come from natural (animal) sources, idiots

Honestly, do you think they’re produced by magic?

You’re still eating animal products.

In pill form.

You cannot get, it is literally impossible to get organic, naturally derived forms of EVERY vitamin and mineral without using SOMETHING from an animal.

Get off that high horse, you’re consuming its mother.

Humans are omnivores or we literally starve. Quite literally, our nutrient needs are not met.

The companies avoid the question.

“I called Centrum. They don’t have any information on where the nutrients in their products come from. They told me that their “vitamins are synthetic and the minerals are derived from natural sources.”

Sure. Okay.

yup damon ian somerhalder vampire diaries hot duh yes uhuh

How do they order stock? How do they resupply?

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