Rights and responsibilities will always be connected

Whoever pays for it.


“Roosh’s theoretical advocation of rescinding the voting rights of unmarried parents would be equally lead-balloony as my advocation of the immediate elimination of all income transfers.  Not only is the cat out of the bag (in the fact it is no longer property owners who can vote), but society is so stupid we would both likely be accused of being “bigots” and “haters,” and ran out of town.  However, since this is all in “Shoulda Land” there is one more compelling reason humanity, no matter how long it is in the future, should never have their freedoms limited as opposed to their responsibilities fully enforced:

Who, precisely will determine what people are allowed what freedoms?”

People who can be bribed by corporations and bought with votes.

  1. It isn’t the child’s fault.
  2. Such lost children are caused by promiscuity culture. Nix the promiscuity culture and the quality of parenting improves.

There are good reasons to be an unmarried parent e.g. rape.
Feasibly, anyone who’s had premarital sex would be forced to marry their ONS if it resulted in pregnancy. No slutting.
Does Roosh really want that? Really? Really really?

Finally, a man who knows it was universal suffrage. Plenty in the manosphere act like if we rolled the clock back, they could still vote. Do you own property? Then no.

Women live longer, we inherit property.

“Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”
Robert A. Heinlein

This would mean men have to support the families they sire, you see, the people advocating responsibility like Roosh think it would only apply to those Meddlin’ Feminists. When he, for example, took a useless degree and warned others off it.


I do wonder where the genetic suicides expect the tax money will come to pay for their public pensions? Children were the historical pension. And tax-funded abortion clinics for any women they get up the duff? STD clinics from their weekend of partying?

I am totally on board with shaming men in their thirties who think it’s OK to act like teenagers. Could be anime toys or using aging terms like ‘bang’.

If you look at plenty of measures of recklessness, from car accidents to divorces, men are the more stupid sex. They take the most risks. So this might end up backfiring on the men who call for it (‘cept Aaron, he seems cool).

In every time period known to man, men had more responsibilities than women.

drinking lol glad that's not my problem haha

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