Capital flight not because of Brexit

They assume a drop in living standards.

As if there’ll be a vacuum of investment and nobody domestic will fill it aka how capitalism works.

However, the living standards argument is based on economic profits, mostly experienced by the financial services industry. Those are not average or common people. In fact, when there is (corrupt) capital flight, a burden is relieved from the system and automatically it becomes fairer. At the very least, there will be less people to service along with the drop in total resources. However, those people were always flighty. Fairweather investors?

Anyone shorting us should go and good riddance.

The economy will correct finally and the working class will be relieved of as much competition by illegals.

The supply/demand curve has been distorted (corrupted) for decades too long. Do you really think London property prices would keep going up if dodgy landlords couldn’t house 8 illegals to one room? When such people are deported or forced to get skilled work here if any, they will naturally leave as easily as they came to rob our temporary prosperity.

It was always going to happen.

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