Guardian suddenly treats battered working class like people

Minimizes the immigration thing.

From my research I would argue that the referendum debate within working-class communities is not about immigration, despite the rhetoric.

what wtf wut confused shocked are you seeing this omfg how

We just told you.
Condescending bitch.

When people tell you they have a certain issue, you don’t get to pick a different one.
That’s gaslighting. You don’t really think what you think, you think what I want you to think instead.

The WWC has a lot in common with a battered wife at this point including the financial abuse.

The women worry for their children and their elderly parents

sexism and false, more commonly a male concern as the providers

talking about immigration and being afraid of immigration is about the precarity of being working class


the correct word is poverty

Where’s the money going to?

Who did you choose over us every time and expected us to be good little voters like an obedient old dog?

Oh, but send record amounts of foreign aid to Africa. That helps.

You people had been treating us like yobs for decades, we know you’re full of it 2 weeks before a vote when the polls show the proles aren’t voting like you told us to. Last week they were calling us all football rioting chavs. We went to private school but we are not stupid.


Why would the WWC continue to vote in anything other than their self-interest? Their people bought into the tolerance of Blair and look what happened. Recently, Labour betrayed them with Rotherham, refuse to admit it let alone make amends and Miliband promised that he’d make offending Muslims illegal. Gee, I wonder why we voted against that. Who else wants to go to prison for drawing a cartoon, lads?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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