“Let’s blame women”

I keep hearing this conclusion in various forms from the manosphere and it’s very confusing.

So I looked for a balanced version.


However. Aside from assuming the history of America is the history of the whole world.

Um, aren’t men supposed to be the champions of civilization?

Inconvenient Question: Why are you expecting the women to save the men?

no what I don't believe it can't be true disbelief pushing daisies

In all human history, has that ever happened? Is it even possible? How?

Assuming women all saw the light tomorrow, where are our champions? Where are the suitable husbands and captains of industry? The guys angry-typing in ALL CAPS online who claim ‘they’ built civilization can’t put up a spice rack. What use would we have for them, as they are? Who are we supposed to follow?

We have pajama boys and video game players denying reality as much as a feminist with campus rape data.

What does the manosphere intend to do about that?

Sweet FA, because pointing out their immaturity would trigger their hurt feelings and we can’t have that. They talk a big game about ‘self-improvement’ but they mean fake masculinity, like good hair and big useless muscles aka they act like gay guys. Nothing about building a business (blogging doesn’t count, businesses are literal physical entities you must maintain) and nothing about keeping a marriage afloat from old coots who’ve actually done it. They seriously ask single men how to keep a wife. Should we ask the fat activists how to keep slim?

The evidence points to male academics founding feminism (Frankfurt). Men like the FEMEM leader profiteer from it. Business interests and charity heading men and politicians profit from feminism the most. School keeps everyone dumb well into adulthood now. Young people aren’t being taught how to grow up. Look at the popularity of kid’s cartoons and geek culture. It’s perma-childhood. It’s creepy. It’s like the Twilight Zone.

Some quotes.

Very few people are genuinely evil and wish bad things upon others.  And we can safely say that the majority of women are NOT evil people who wish to destroy the best development of human history.  And though there are some genuinely evil people who DO wish to destroy and harm others (feminists and SJW’s) the vast majority of women are well intentioned, caring people.

The problem, however, is you can be the sweetest woman with all the best intentions in the world.  If you’re naive or ignorant to the point you’re wrong, you’ll still have the same effects of being an evil, malicious person out to cause damage.  Thus, whether out ignorance or evil, society is going to pay the exact same price no matter what your intentions.  And so, as women vote and make other decisions in life about how the country should be run, Western Civilization suffers because of their ignorance and naivety.

Isn’t this really about supporting Marxist parasites?
Don’t men do that too? Don’t men make up the bulk of Communists?
Why only start on women for a bad behaviour both exhibit?

The government spending lie is one we’re all fed at goverment-sponsored schools. We aren’t forced to go to school because they care for us but because they expect to profit from us and our labour once we’re adult.

Yet the manosphere acts like modern schooling is good for girls too. Is it teaching us to be women, let alone good women? No! It’s just as bad for girls as boys.

Previous to women’s suffrage and the massive expansion of government, men were the nucleus of society and the economy.  It was around a man families and society were raised.  And it was his economic production that supported them all.

I don’t know where he’s getting his information (50s adverts?) but children were the focus. Men were the primary provider but women provided labour and fertility. It was a totally even exchange. Both parents sacrificed for the children, the centre of the home was the kitchen.

Who wanted the family to fall, why? To kill capitalism.

Gender politics turns the family unit against itself. We’re being conned.


Because it will keep the left in power.  It will expand and ensure future government control.

paging K. Marx


To be frank there is none.

oh no oh dear hides facepalm double

What do the enemy hate?

Nuclear family.

What should we do to defeat them?


The answer lies in the founding principle of Western Civilzation – Merit.


You sleep around and got an STD? Too bad.
You sleep around and got pregnant? Pay for your own medical treatment, it was your lifestyle choice.
You want consequence-free sex? It’s called a hooker.

Treat adults like adults. No more excuses. No more free passes trading on pretend ignorance. Sex is the big one. What did you seriously expect would happen? Did you seriously think it had no consequences?

He’s right about this part. Universal suffrage.

For example, in the embryonic years of the United States you not only had to be a white male to vote, you also had to own property.  The founding fathers had this requirement because not only did they not want blacks or women to vote, but because they also didn’t want stupid white men to vote!  You couldn’t just have been “born a white male.”  You also had to prove you could work and manage your finances accordingly that you were a productive member of society.  And requiring ownership of property was a proxy for that hurdle.

Proof of competence.

However, while that may have had the intended effect in 1790, today we have the technology that a much better and much more meritorious voting franchise can be given – taxes.

Very simply, if you want to vote you need to have paid taxes.

lol laughing rdj tony stark heehee haha

Everybody in the UK is subsidized. Everybody. Somehow.

Even the politicians get expenses for their taxpayer champagne.


And you thought I was kidding. That’s the capitalist party.

Nobody could vote under a No Parasite Policy.

Maybe, like, one guy. Who lives on an island.

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