Life-like Scarlett Johansson robot

In reality, she should sue for using her likeness.

You own your likeness.

This makes it seem like she endorses the usage. Nobody, even porn stars, would endorse these Uncanny Valley monstrosities.

She sued a novelist for writing a romance about her, why not this?

Tbh, I don’t see the point of men buying a full size bot over a fleshlight. It’s like those creepy still Japanese dolls that look like corpses with rigor mortis.

And we know there’ll be creeps getting the local schoolgirl’s face or their own mothers (novelty-seeking doesn’t stop).

Considering the visual nature of men, they overestimate female caring and underestimate their own insecurity. Think of the homoerotic way men compete at the gym and apply it to everything sex, but public suddenly. Jude Law bots on the arm of every 5. The male ones would outnumber the female, considering the gay use alone. And the mostly non-White men of the world will be most insecure when the dolls look like Fabio.

The sneering r-types are hailing their own genetic suicide. This would be fantastic for people who actually want children, allowing Ks to outcompete. There’s something comedic about throwing your enemies a doll to hump with gleeful futility.

There’s no pride in being the high-tech equivalent of this;

Practically speaking, the male bots would be superior, and no human male could match their longevity (that multiple orgasm thing all women have and men can rarely develop).
The female bots, by comparison, would force men to do the painstaking work of cleaning and lubricating. It’d be like maintaining a car. I don’t see the advantage over sex toys men already have.

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