Recent Brexit Poll

the fact that Qriously found that 52% will vote to leave the bloc in a national referendum on June 23 (unchanged from before the parliamentarian’s death) is telling to the social divide in Britain, but the weakening support for remaining in the EU coincided with a large move toward “Don’t know,” which leaped to 16% from 9% before Cox’s assassination.

the rabbits are triggered

bear in mind, this woman voted for Syria strikes, voted to cut benefits to the disabled and she defunded mental health facilities required by her attacker to do foreign aid projects, she couldn’t do her job locally but she could happily spend taxpayer money on literally everyone else

it’s poetic justice

there were abuse allegations against her husband re a children’s charity, so he had to leave, which is rather interesting, don’t you think?

that backing among likely voters for Britain’s EU membership has dropped to 32% from 40% before her death.

we see the Narrative
we are not stupid

they’re honestly behaving as if voting Leave makes one a murderer


One response to “Recent Brexit Poll

  1. Credulity for the narrative grows more and more strained. They tried to spin the Orlando shooter as a lone wolf domestic terrorist (or some such, I got it second hand) and no one is buying.

    Boo hoo, burn in hell rabbits.

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