Video: Social Justice Losers

Note: White people have been oppressed …by white slavery, from Barbary to the Ottoman Empire.

Typical r-types, they can’t even threaten us properly. The type to passive-aggressively say “Please, kill yourself” while saying you can’t joke about depression, self-harm and suicide because that’s sick.

Anything to distract and weaken the whites. Note how the non-whites tend to gang up before they start. They like to lead in with Muslim women, who have three whole cards to play (other is race). If these people had arguments, they wouldn’t need to talk about the speakers, including themselves. Debate ignores the speaker unless their behaviour is hypocritical e.g. calling for a Patriarchy while promiscuous, and only then to the extent where it weakens their spoken argument.

The most sexist, racist, bigoted people you’ll ever meet. Imagine how bigoted it is to demand anyone who disagrees with you be fired, ostracized or arrested. The crime of dissent.

Consider their background. They had all these middle class opportunities and to their parents, they still failed, They are truly losers. They hate themselves, based on fact and project this out onto everyone else. Seeing everyone else as hateful. They’ve scapegoated what they can never be, the successful, normal white person. If Whitey is the villain, everyone else the hero, right? Let them. Let them start on the Whiteys. Perhaps encourage them. Let the people who would otherwise defend them see how these vindictive people would sell them for a cracker.

Best thing we can do is ignore them. Attention is power to attention whores. They crave the validation their parents won’t give them.

They crave their parents to have gone back in time and slapped some sense into them.

I’ll leave this here.

They pose as victims to get real potential victims to soften up.

I don’t ask you to take my word for this. Test what I say when I say thatnarcissists hurt you on purpose. Anyone can test any narcissist.

Here’s how. The next time the narcissist is hurting your feelings or making you feel low, let your feelings show and tell him or her how they are making you feel asking them to stop it.

Be prepared for a shock. Any normal human being would soften and let up, but a narcissist will do exactly the opposite.

What does that mean?

Is revving up their engines, kicking in the afterburners, and running you right over an “accident” after you show your soft underbelly and beg them to let up on you?

It’s no “accident,” that’s for sure.

Want to see a narcissistic rage? That’s no “accident” either. The test: Just fall to your knees in tears begging them to have a heart and stop kicking you around like dirt.

The narcissist’s response? He or she blows up into a rage. Is that rage an “accident” when nothing but how deeply they are hurting you provokes it?

No, it’s a willful and wanton outrage.

Now hear this: THEY DON’T DO IT BY ACCIDENT. They aren’t just inconsiderate and touchy.

Test their “touchiness” (if you can do so safely, or have somebody not at the N’s mercy test it – someone who can defend themselves). Rage right back in their face. Act just as wild right back in their face. Threaten right back. Speak abusively right back.

Now any normal person would be provoked to rage by your doing this in their face. But narcissists are so UNtouchy that they do the opposite. Watch how instantaneously the raging narcissist becomes meek and mild and switches to his “I-wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly-mask.”

Don’t take my word for it. Test it. You CANNOT insult a narcissist who isn’t in a position to bully you! It’s impossible. Try it, you’ll see. Your lack of vulnerability gives them skin a foot thick! (Not to mention a rubber spine.)

…They aren’t touchy at all. So perceived slights aren’t what set them off. The VULNERABILITY of a TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY is what sets them off – IF there are no witnesses.

That’s predation, not touchiness.

Narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury go hand in hand. While they often claim that their raging behavior is related to stress, the opposite is true. In fact, a narcissistic rage is triggered usually by some perceived insult, criticism or disagreement that results in a narcissistic injury.

The average raging narcissist thinks that her victim intentionally caused this so-called “injury” and that the victim did so with a hostile motive.

You’re not the victim, I am!

The reaction to this trigger is often intensely disproportionate to the actual “offense” committed by the victim—and invariably, the victim in these situations sees the narcissist as unreasonable, out-of-control, mean or even just plain old crazy.

Likewise, rage may function as a defense against shame that feels unbearable.  These two are connected:  shame, as I discussed in my early post on basic or toxic shame, is the emotional expression of our sense that we are damaged; that sense of damage can mean that the self is felt to be in pieces, in danger of collapse.  Hatred, anger and rage serve a defensive and cohesive function for these conditions, especially when there has been a narcissistic injury to one’s sense of self that stirs up unbearable shame.

every time someone disagrees with them, it seems like life/death
that much ego

Narcissistic rage may also express a frustrated sense of entitlement, by which I mean the feeling that one has a right to be given something which others believe should be obtained through effort, and unrealistic expectations of favorable treatment or automatic compliance with one’s expectations.  While this is a characteristic feature of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I’ve seen it in every borderline client I’ve treated, and in many clients with Bipolar Disorder symptoms, as well.  A sense of entitlement reflects an inflated view of one’s own importance and rights, which features intermittently  in many psychological states of mind.  No doubt you’ve known people who express this sense of entitlement, whether or not they fit into any of the diagnostic categories with which we’ve all become familiar.

Entitlement to other people is the worst kind.
No, sex isn’t free. No, people aren’t obliged to fancy you. No, you don’t deserve respect.

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