Why did Remain lose?

SJW virtue-signalling tossers, that’s why.

EURef twitter

That isn’t even remotely accurate maths.

sarcasm scott I'm fine okay good great lol happy

I have no problem admitting I have cried.

Wept. Pure tears of joy.


I like to think I did my part and converted, oh, a few hundred thousand at least.
And that’s just this project I got going for me. Others have a vastly wider reach.


Tally ho, chaps!




p.s. if you could stop calling us the United Cuckdom now, that’d be gravy.

3 responses to “Why did Remain lose?

  1. Dear,

    The one thing I got from this post was that the stance that the older generation being total assholes is not necessarily true. From a look at those tweets, the younger generation is upset that the Remain vote failed.

    Maybe old folks aren’t as far gone as you think.


    • They don’t believe in democracy, they think they’re entitled to win. Participation trophy style. My generation are rabid narcissists, it’s our condition. Every generation has one. The fascism of wanting a second or blocking their elders/betters is sickening to me. They’re honestly still playing the Evil Whitey racist card!

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