Leftists feel the same censure as everyone else, finally

Bloody bunnies.


One question:


Yes, two hundred. Fight me.

Bring back dueling. Let’s see them mouth off in people’s faces in ‘protest’ then.

They’re trying two tactics to undo the democratic result of Brexit (record turnout).

  1. The economy is failing. (No)
  2. People are being mean (we rejected PC politesse, either it’s true or it’s false; if false disprove it and if true, accept it.)


Sounds like self-loathing to me. What do you think is wrong with your skin colour? Why are you incapable of laughing it off?

Look at the hatred for the people around them.

After Paris. Saying this after Paris.

why confused what wtf

This and other forms of anti-national (treasonous) sentiment, vindictive vitriol aimed at their fellow Europeans/countrymen, have been on full public display, completely shameless, for a number of days now. I’ve seen expressions of confusion that Leave voters aren’t speaking up. I’ve explained this before. We’ve been watching and waiting and crucially, listening. The silent majority, recall? We are quietly noting who is with us and who would have us thrown in prison for disagreeing with them.

You know they’re thinking gulag/pogrom/re-education centre.

They’re planning on rounding up who they believe are the leaders and we see the pathetic attempt at bait, as they hide behind police and other paid guards.

Guess which ones of the two groups we’ll help in times of civil unrest.

A random sample.

We all marvel at how the people preaching “love and tolerance” are the ones slinging hate and wishing death on OAPs. So brave. Such progress.

We’ve tried reasoning, it falls on deaf ears. Slowly, the people who enjoy the country they live in are learning you cannot reason with these people (SJWs mostly).

We are slowly learning we don’t need to justify ourselves to our supposed betters.

The rabbits don’t realize they are making enemies. In fact, they believe being the last one shouting IS the victory.

Really, they’ve been drawn out kicking and screaming. They’re standing in the middle of a circle of silent spectators. They misinterpret the silence, now they are being judged.

Keep drawing fire, by all means. Go ahead. Tell us all exactly what you think of us. We’re all perversely enjoying the fact they don’t hold back anymore. The narc rage is something. They honestly believe a little blip on the stock market and a descriptive word is the End of the World. These are sheltered spoiled brats.

Even if it weren’t about them, they’re used to crying victim, so they’d make it about themselves.

When you need something, we’ll demonstrate what we think of you.

Look at Venezuela.


silver lining

The more the EU tries to ruin the UK, the further it will galvanize the silent majorities across Europe. They shall see the EU does not practice the unity and kindness it pretends and elect to leave sooner while they still can, than get dragged into an unwinnable war with Putin for that dense bullfrog Merkel, meanwhile terrorism, gang rape and recession paying for Greek people who’ve been pensioners over half their life again.

4 responses to “Leftists feel the same censure as everyone else, finally

  1. I’m going to start carrying a little mirror. Hold it up to their face and smile.
    Or would if I got to see many rabbits. Not that they’d get it.

    Hares I’ve got. They’re eating my greens.

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