Link: Disgust builds civilizations

Freedom of association, in fact.

Outgrouping, shunning, shaming, ostracization.

There’s a reason society’s utmost current punishment revokes that one freedom.

eyebrow waggle

3 responses to “Link: Disgust builds civilizations

  1. I only made it halfway through, my disgust at her sjwness overcame my curiosity. She misused concerning three times in the first half.

    Conservative hyper-developed disgust is very concerning, but she doesn’t address what caused liberal atrophy. I imagine insulation from reality. Cubical dwellers- f’n rabbits.

    It seems to me, as someone who gets to shovel chicken shit, a close relationship with reality develops moral disgust more highly than physical disgust. Not that I enjoy the shoveling, but it’s preferable to dealing with rabbits.

    I think there is a lot more going on there than they are able to see past their bias.

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