Millennial men consider females inferior, whatever proof

I invoke broken clock. Exceptional case of the feminists hitting on something true.

The most misogynistic men I ever met IRL claimed to be male feminists.
They think it’s an excuse to speak about/treat women however they like (worse, always worse).

Despite taking the same exams and studying in the same fields and working in the same industry, STEM, the oh-so rational men take a wholly subjective view of their female peers.

As in, they don’t see them as peers at all.

In spite of the years of proof in the exact same system.

Idiot isn't as much a person as a process of doing things wrong

The researchers found that male students systematically overestimated the knowledge of the men in their classes in comparison with the women. Moreover, as the academic term progressed, the men’s faulty appraisal of their classmates’ abilities increased despite clear evidence of the women’s superior class performance. In every biology class examined, a man was considered the most renowned student — even when a woman had far better grades. In contrast, the female students surveyed did not show bias, accurately evaluating their fellow students based on performance. After studying the attitudes of these future scientists, the researchers concluded, “The chilly environment for women [in the sciences] may not be going away anytime soon.”

Nobody is rational. Humans are not machines.
That men even claim that, seriously, shows they aren’t.

And machines would be meritocratic anyway.
Surely judging your peers requires EQ and SQ, female attributes? They only consider this ‘logical’ because it’s quantifiable. Slight bias in the method there.

The funding gap is totally real too. Even with taxpayer funds (!!!).

In a 2014 survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, Harris Poll found that young men were less open to accepting women leaders than older men were. Only 41% of Millennial men were comfortable with women engineers, compared to 65% of men 65 or older. Likewise, only 43% of Millennial men were comfortable with women being U.S. senators, compared to 64% of Americans overall. (The numbers were 39% versus 61% for women being CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and 35% versus 57% for president of the United States.)

Yeah the older ones are real men with nothing to prove.
If someone wants to contribute, that’s a good thing.
Get over yourself.
I love how they also claim to be superior to dead women.
How insecure have you gotta be to try and one-up a corpse?
The worst are non-STEM losers, with no idea what the industry is like, who go on about STEM. No better than the non-STEM feminists with their mewling. Totally ignorant.

“Whereas three-quarters of Millennial women anticipate that their careers will be at least as important as their partners,” they reported, “half the men in their generation expect that their own careers will take priority.”

You need two incomes, numbskull. And what if she earns more?
And what’s wrong with being the primary caregiver?

Taken together, this body of research should dispel any notion that Millennial men “see women as equals.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing actually. This study gets that wrong. These types have always existed but they’re the maladapted SES dregs. They project their passivity, bitchiness, weakness and incompetence onto all women. Blind to its manifestation in themselves, naturally.
The men who can’t get with the 21st century labour requirements will simply die alone.
Historically, men are almost always genetic suicides anyway.

If they can’t be meritocrats, who would see merit in building a life with them?
You have to be on the same team once married, telling a woman regardless of need that she has to give up her career to make you feel like Draper (and the fictive 50s lifestyle) will end in one place – the divorce court.

That type of lifestyle was never possible, it was a small slice of post-war prosperity paid for by the blood of your countrymen, and they say we womenfolk buy into false advertising realities…


Obviously men and women aren’t the same, but for most tasks they are roughly equal in capability, especially the high-estrogen diet modern male.

The reaction to Brexit is the reason it needed to happen

A onetime Soviet loyalist who was eventually shot as an enemy of the state, Babel was likely trying to say something profound: that the freedom to make mistakes is itself an essential component of freedom.

As a rule, people resent being saved from themselves. And if you think depriving people of their right to make mistakes makes sense, you probably never had respect for their right to make decisions at all.

and i love you random citizen

“For your own good.”

The collective working class response?

Fuck off, we’re free.

Leftists feel the same censure as everyone else, finally

Bloody bunnies.


One question:


Yes, two hundred. Fight me.

Bring back dueling. Let’s see them mouth off in people’s faces in ‘protest’ then.

They’re trying two tactics to undo the democratic result of Brexit (record turnout).

  1. The economy is failing. (No)
  2. People are being mean (we rejected PC politesse, either it’s true or it’s false; if false disprove it and if true, accept it.)


Sounds like self-loathing to me. What do you think is wrong with your skin colour? Why are you incapable of laughing it off?

Look at the hatred for the people around them.

After Paris. Saying this after Paris.

why confused what wtf

This and other forms of anti-national (treasonous) sentiment, vindictive vitriol aimed at their fellow Europeans/countrymen, have been on full public display, completely shameless, for a number of days now. I’ve seen expressions of confusion that Leave voters aren’t speaking up. I’ve explained this before. We’ve been watching and waiting and crucially, listening. The silent majority, recall? We are quietly noting who is with us and who would have us thrown in prison for disagreeing with them.

You know they’re thinking gulag/pogrom/re-education centre.

They’re planning on rounding up who they believe are the leaders and we see the pathetic attempt at bait, as they hide behind police and other paid guards.

Guess which ones of the two groups we’ll help in times of civil unrest.

A random sample.

We all marvel at how the people preaching “love and tolerance” are the ones slinging hate and wishing death on OAPs. So brave. Such progress.

We’ve tried reasoning, it falls on deaf ears. Slowly, the people who enjoy the country they live in are learning you cannot reason with these people (SJWs mostly).

We are slowly learning we don’t need to justify ourselves to our supposed betters.

The rabbits don’t realize they are making enemies. In fact, they believe being the last one shouting IS the victory.

Really, they’ve been drawn out kicking and screaming. They’re standing in the middle of a circle of silent spectators. They misinterpret the silence, now they are being judged.

Keep drawing fire, by all means. Go ahead. Tell us all exactly what you think of us. We’re all perversely enjoying the fact they don’t hold back anymore. The narc rage is something. They honestly believe a little blip on the stock market and a descriptive word is the End of the World. These are sheltered spoiled brats.

Even if it weren’t about them, they’re used to crying victim, so they’d make it about themselves.

When you need something, we’ll demonstrate what we think of you.

Look at Venezuela.


silver lining

The more the EU tries to ruin the UK, the further it will galvanize the silent majorities across Europe. They shall see the EU does not practice the unity and kindness it pretends and elect to leave sooner while they still can, than get dragged into an unwinnable war with Putin for that dense bullfrog Merkel, meanwhile terrorism, gang rape and recession paying for Greek people who’ve been pensioners over half their life again.

Video: Brexit populism

It’s a Guardian thing to smear populism as a bad thing.
In a democracy, appealing to the public is a social good. The common man was said to have the best experience of what we’d now dub realpolitik.
They’re taking an anti-intellectual signalling stance that whatever the common man thinks must be inferior and wrong and yes, bigoted. That’s what they mean by bigoted = poor.

They keep conflating a University education with intelligence, an ironic mark of low intelligence.

This confirms the GE finding – the MSM is dead. People don’t listen to it anymore. We don’t trust it. We don’t trust our claimed betters, who are shills guarding their own wallets and selling their country down the river for thirty pieces of silver.


Yes, such a ‘crash’. Let’s ask English majors about the ForEx.

ah who knows mystery shrug eva green pfft haha

Lesson #1 for any lefties reading: the markets reflect risk profile, not the reality of whether something was a good idea or not. Uncertainty is a margin, and that error of profit can turn up too. If brokers knew exactly what would happen, there would be no trading. Crooked financiers bet on certainty because they rigged it. Uncertainty is good for literally everyone else. Think of it this way – the people you didn’t want to bail out just lost a fuckload of money.

Days later, they’re still trying to gaslight us.
They’re just stupid/They’re crazy/They can’t ignore us/They don’t know what’s good for them – terms an abuser would use.

The emotional blackmail was obvious after some rando killed a bitch of an MP but let’s be honest, nobody likes our MPs. Nobody. In any party. She failed in her duty to vote against punishing benefit cuts for the (real) disabled so I’d bet good British money that cunt is rotting in Hell.

We have rejected the Multicultural Project.

The Supranationalist Socialists are turning Stalin.

The Left always rediscovers its totalitarian roots eventually.

If they could, they’d line up every Leave voter against a wall and shoot us. Perhaps after a spot of gang rape a la Rotherham and The Red Army.

Another referendum would create a constitutional crisis because MPs are representatives, i.e. they gain authority on the basis of accepting the will of the People. In the Government leaflet, they agreed to enforce that decision.

I think Non-EU immigration will be raised to compensate cheap illegal labour.

Whatever happens, this country knows it did the right thing and the silent majority are sick of being bullied for existing.

We still have the non-Brits claiming to be more ‘real’ British than us. The anti-white sentiment is ticking up.

As for terrorism.

Threats to Brussels and Germany.

Well, we wanted our border control back. The fact they aren’t planning terrorism in London (cough Khan cough) is a victory for us. Those countries aren’t our business.

Pro: Racist officially means nothing.
Con: The people slinging it don’t yet comprehend their irrelevance.