Proof that liberalism is partially caused by absentee parenting

He was living out of his car and was in the US illegally, having outstayed his visa.

crying laughter lmao

Why are they ruining the little girl’s life with a photo? She’ll forever be associated with her subhuman brother.

Michael moved out four years ago, but his toy racing cars are still on the mantelpiece.

When did he get into reddit, atheistkult and University social justice politics?

When he was five, Michael’s father left home.

Now we all know who to blame. That’s the biggest fault here. The thing you can’t change.

They don’t leave home. They abandon their helpless children.

“He’d always say, ‘Well, I don’t mean to be rude – I’m just saying it as it is.’ He had a lack of empathy.”

That isn’t a marker of intelligence or autism, House is fictional, but it is antisocial personality. I bet he has a ‘trauma’ that made him narcissistic, usually involving bullies?

Michael was diagnosed with hypersensitivity

making excuses for a sociopath
this ends well
yes tiptoe around the little bastard who can’t understand grief and let him shoot guns

“I thought he was being a little bugger. But he just looked at me and said, ‘Well, quite honestly, Mum, I don’t know whether I can agree to these things. So I can’t put my name to it.”

When was he on antipsychotics, that’s the only thing missing.
That isn’t humility or a Rain Man thing, that’s a conduct disorder.
As a child, you are treated as a child. You suck it up and get it done because literally nobody likes school you special snowflake brat.

“He left school with no qualifications, and he has such potential.”

Sociopaths don’t have lasting accomplishments.

Michael was bullied but didn’t like to talk about it.

I bet he started at least some of that shit.

She’d bring him home; if he was going to play truant, she’d rather he was somewhere safe and warm.

Fucking liberal Boomers. Enabling shitty behaviour and wondering why it gets worse.

At the age of 13, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. The specialist said it was the most severe case she had seen in 30 years: his behaviour was so ingrained it would be almost impossible to change.

No. That isn’t in the DSM-V anymore because it’s bullshit.
It’s convenient for all the adults, isn’t it? He can’t help it, I’m not a crappy parent.
And if that’s the case, you cannot leave him alone, let alone for months in AMERICA, a foreign country.

‘Why would I want to learn what everybody else is learning? Because everybody is going to know it. I want to learn what interests me.’ We fought tooth and nail about it. He was offered every opportunity: home school, online tuition, private tuition, a special school.”

That isn’t intelligence, that’s a lazy little shit. An autistic kid would love home schooling.
The arrogance of this kid, why couldn’t they shoot him?

“I said you’re not going to have any qualifications, and he just said well, qualifications aren’t everything. I’d explain that if you want a job, they are crucial. But he couldn’t see that.”

An A in Maths at 12 and you think he fails to grasp basic logic?

He wanted you to support him like a leech. Psychopath!

“One evening he said, ‘Sorry, Nan, I can’t eat that. Don’t cook for me any more.’ He was bloody-minded.”

Let me guess, he wanted takeaways. That isn’t OCD, that’s manipulation. Should tell him to cook for himself.
And how else was he ‘bloody-minded’? Why didn’t you warn anyone?

He became so weak from not eating that he could barely get out of bed. Later that year Lynne reluctantly agreed to have him sectioned at the Maudsley psychiatric hospital in London. How much weight had he lost? “He refused to let the doctor weigh him,” Lynne says. But she told them he wouldn’t live much longer without treatment.

Nothing about the brain damage of starvation.
There’s a reason anorexics are considered batshit in personal relationships.

But life was not easy. Michael had become abusive. “He was never violent, but he would be very verbally aggressive. He’d shout and swear at me, and then he’d be so apologetic. He’d just unleash. I spent most of my time in my bedroom. It wasn’t sustainable.”

Push and pull of a psychopath.

It’s still abuse.

At 16, he found himself a one-bed flat to rent a few minutes away. “It was perfect. Clean, modern, a nice outlook over the hills.” How could he afford to live independently? “He was on disability living allowance, employment and support allowance and housing benefit. He didn’t do anything, go anywhere, so he had few other expenses.”

oh come on my god why NO kill me now

Do I need to say anything?

I mean, factually mature enough to live alone and seek out a flat. Not to get a GCSE, where you get points for writing your name.

“But after two or three hours, you could see his anxiety levels rise and he’d need to get back.”

Literally antisocial.
Autistic people aren’t like that, they crave contact.

In the early days, he let Lynne and Christine come to the flat. It didn’t last; he continued his daily visits home, but barred them from visiting and withdrew into himself.

At which point he should’ve been dragged home.

Michael once paid £1,000 for a robot

But you didn’t insist he go back to school and sit the IT GCSE exam?

When he was 17, Michael decided he would learn to drive. His mother was delighted and offered to book him lessons. No need, he said: he had signed up for an intensive two-week course.

Violent but let’s give him a license to something he can use to kill people. But still – no GCSEs.

Thirty seconds later, he had over-accelerated into another car and written his off.

Psychopaths are notorious thrill-seekers.

Michael told his mother he had news – and she wasn’t going to like it. He was going to New York. “I just collapsed on to the sofa. I said, ‘This is insane – what the hell are you on about?’” Lynne asked her GP and local mental health services how she could stop him.

At that point you cut him off from the family. As an adult, you don’t have to enable them. No longer your responsibility, get his father to stop him.

He was forcibly given a drugs test, because the police thought he was high. In fact, he was having a meltdown, and was sectioned overnight. But the hospital discharged him the next day, and he continued his two-week trip in a rental car.

This whole article is a car crash.

Psychopaths hate authority and get very energetic when confronted with police.

By the time Michael returned home, he was a wreck. “He just broke down and came out with this…” Lynne shudders to a stop. “I can’t say ‘tale’ or ‘story’; I’ll say ‘version of events’.”

Chronic liar, check.

“He was terribly, terribly distressed,” Christine says. “He said that, unbeknownst to us, between the ages of 16 and 18, he’d had a girlfriend, and got her pregnant. He said they’d had a scan and it was a boy. And the day after Michael’s 18th birthday, this girl was killed in a car crash. He said that after this he’d attempted to commit suicide twice.”

Michael told them he had a new girlfriend, who had recently moved back to America; but when he got there, a friend had texted to say she was in prison on a drugs charge.

Why did she want to be with him? Probably the psychopathy and abuse.

Psychopaths are whorish. An Aspie couldn’t have casual sexual relations like that nor keep a whole life secret (that’s why barred from the flat, he planned the whole thing to have sex). Cut him off.
Not mature enough to do exams, mature enough to have sex. Sounds legit.

Drama queen vaguely threatening to self-harm if you don’t bail him out, check.

but says Michael had no history of lying to her, and no history of psychosis.

She pauses, and says there was one incident when he was eight and convinced aliens were coming to get him. “He was shaking and cowering, and we took him to hospital. It was like he was possessed.” But nothing since.

Welcome to my life, where 99% of people are retarded.

But he couldn’t save quickly enough; he asked his grandmother to mortgage her house.

So. Many. Signs.

Entitlement? No? No bells? He wants to make his grandmother homeless to fund a crackwhore.

He said, ‘I’m going to have to either commit suicide or turn to illegal measures.’

Sweet innocent autistic child.

Quite by chance my mum came into an inheritance. Her sister had left a reasonable sum of money, which Mum was going to split four ways: her, me, Michael and Jessica.” Christine and Lynne agreed to forfeit their shares and pay for a year’s rent for Michael in New York. It was a last resort.

Pathological altruism includes enabling complete scum.
They should’ve left the whole thing to the little girl who wasn’t an utter failure refusing to get a job. Those people deserve nothing.

But Michael never came.

Breaking promises.
Should’ve taken him to court for fraud, would do him the world of good.

He told his mother there was a warrant out for his arrest in the UK (he had left a few utilities bills unpaid). Lynne contacted the police, who assured her there was not, but Michael said he believed his source rather than her.



Lynne asked him to show her around the flat, but he refused.

there’s one group that hates drugs more than autistics, and that’s OCDs

But he told them he’d got a refund on the outstanding time, and preferred the new flat.

On 17 April, he told them he’d been kicked out of the new flat, and needed money for a hostel. His father had been sending him £60 a month, and Lynne and Christine sent what they could.

Are we sure this story is real? It’s a clusterfuck of every possible bad decision.

Liberals are actually this retarded with people in their personal lives.

They begged him to come home. “He said, ‘I can’t – I’ve been very ill and run up lots of medical bills.’”

In that case, he’d want to come home because he’s ill. No empathy in his excuses.

My son, headline news for something so awful, and something just so not him.

Going purely by this article, it seems totally him.
Same reasoning of the mothers of serial killers.

Subsequent reports suggested Michael had a thing for guns. Lynne says this is misleading

Yes, at one point he had camouflaged his bedroom and hung replica guns on the wall, with help from his father

“Michael said, ‘Someone had to stand up for America,’ and was going on about how dangerous Trump’s policies were

but he’s literally a foreign terrorist tho
they should give him lethal injection, I don’t care that he’s white, he’s got more in common with IS

He didn’t seem to know what the consequences were, what he had been charged with. He thought it would blow over and he’d be home soon.

Psychopaths think they can talk their way out of anything.

“I think this was his way of getting help. He was always a bit of baby on the physical side of things, so I wouldn’t think he’d choose to be shot. I also think he would have sent me a goodbye letter.”

At this point, I am speechless.
They are not stupid, it’s too grandiose a term. They are potatoes.

Did they ever suspect he might do something like this? No, she says. Apart from the verbal outbursts, he has never been violent. “

omg why no facepalm god ugh wut

His other friend Jack went on Facebook and said, ‘I want to tell the world Michael isn’t like that.’”

He literally IS the profile of a serial killer. This is insane.

All she hears is a crackling and beeping like a fax machine. She knows it is Michael. The detention centre has told her there is a technical issue with international calls.

They’re recording it.

She has been told he is on three medications: for anxiety; to help him sleep; and for hallucinations. “He’s hearing voices. He said in that call, ‘I just want to come home and get psychiatric help.’ Obviously I can’t condone what he attempted to do, but he was not in control of his mind. Yes, a sentence by all means, but a sentence over here where his family can visit him and where he can get the help he needs.” Lynne has been warned that US courts are not sympathetic to mental health problems; it is unlikely to affect his sentencing.

That doesn’t just happen. It starts in the teens. Probably triggered by drug use (my money’s on cannabis) and he likes druggie ‘girlfriends’…
He was totally in control of his mind, if you have that random thought to jump off a cliff, you aren’t obliged to do it. That’s why the US courts ignore it, you’ve been going on like he’s so mature and smart – well, that means he has control, duh.

Mental illness made me do it is the new Devil made me do it.

Fighting for her son is the only thing keeping her going; she has launched a CrowdJustice page to help with legal fees.

Did I say I was done before now?
No, I have ascended past done and into I hope someone stabs this fucker in prison so he doesn’t ruin the life of his baby sister. He is literally not the victim. But they’re not just choosing to defend him, they’re choosing to take time and resources and good memories away from that little girl.

Do you really think he didn’t verbally abuse the sister? Was he ever left alone with her, that’s what I wanna know. She must have traumatic memories of him and the mother didn’t want to get her a passport to visit him.

In a way, she says, she hopes it does go to trial – so a jury can see how helpless he is.

“He was extremely distressed, and begged me to get him home,”

You should have laughed and reminded him of what he said about being a mature adult re school. “If you try to kill someone, you deserve to stay there and rot” any decent human being would say. Do you honestly think he’s safe around anyone now? He won’t actually kill himself, the past 2 supposed attempts have no evidence and even with one there will be medical evidence. Psychopaths are a super-low suicide risk although they can die by instigating fights from being cocky enough to think they’re immortal (delusion).

Begging Mummy to bail him out, what a snivelling r-type.

I don’t even like Trump but damn the guy would deserve better than to be taken down by this worm. Maybe he can finally get his GCSEs in prison.

Rape threatening online abuser gets sent down

The woman took it too far with the posturing afterward but tbh, that stuff’s wrong.

“Please you cunts deserve to be taken back to the 50s were [sic] you wil learn to know your role and shut your damn mouth.

“Do me a favour go home and slap your mother obviously your father never did it enough.

“I’d rape you if you were better looking but I wouldn’t fuck you.”

The internet isn’t an excuse for verbal abuse, this is just a misogynist twist. Even if it was based on something chosen like occupation, it’s singling a person out and being purely vile with the defamatory ad hominem that makes harassment. The sexual element is worst and I think the judge didn’t go far enough, the obvious porn addict was clearly flirting with some type of incitement. If I threatened an American politician with assassination (murder being up there with rape) online they’d take it seriously, this is not a game. There is no exception because online does count.

People keep expecting me to go after SJWs but this manchild needed to learn the lives of these people already suck, don’t empower them by letting them drag you down. Generally, they don’t deserve correction. The unoriginal bland humour doesn’t impress anyone.

She isn’t a public figure, there was no need to humiliate her and he doubled down well before she did.

Have they gone through his browser history cos I’d bet a million Australian dollars he reads Return of Kings. Those are exactly the jokes they make.

As in, not funny.

The same five lines about the kitchen, humiliation during sex, being worthless etc etc.

If you couldn’t shout those things following a person down the street without looking like the bad guy, don’t say them online.

If you have the facts, report those. He’s in this mess because he deserves to be, he gave his opinion and whined like a bitch when people listened to it.

He’s given the feminists exactly what they wanted, a fresh cadaver to jump over.

Brierley Newton told Guardian Australia the officer who called to tell her said Alchin was apologetic and had no prior convictions in what she took to be an attempt to convince her to abandon the charge.

Even if she were as right wing as Thatcher she should’ve gone through with it. She was in the right. He made her a target, he started it, he escalated it and goaded her into taking action. Sexual history reputation is the most vitriolic thing you can attack a woman with. That’s why they have it on the books, because abusive men will choose the nerve that hurts most, even if the woman herself has done nothing wrong, the mere rumour can affect her future prospects socially.

Fuck, you know these people are the scum of the earth when I side with the SJW.

Any type of monstering is wrong. White man holding a legal gun, white slut posting a Drake quote. We have to defend these freedoms for the people we don’t like. We have a rare case of a man monstering an SJW female.

After his arrest, Alchin admitted he had written the comments but told police he was drunk at the time and that they did not reflect “what he is about”.

Oh the Roosh V excuse.
“If I had a single drink, I can’t be held responsible for my dick because I have hypoagency all of a sudden, but the woman totally lacks the ability to give a valid No because the rules of consent are magically flipped for drunk bitches and if she’s drunk, she has more agency and No really means Yes.”

“He was internet trolling and was unaware it was a crime,” the police facts sheet stated.

That isn’t what trolling is, ignorance is no excuse. Trolling is subtle and based in truth. Volleying insults is not trolling. It’s verbal abuse.

Police put to him a specific comment he’d made, including that feminists “don’t get any action, so when you rape them it feels 100 times tighter”. Alchin said he had found it on an “anti-feminist website, to offend a group of feminists that were harassing me and my friends”.

AVFM was unavailable for comment.
These are not anti-feminists, they’re just misogynists. They never, ever go after the male feminists with power.

They hurt my friends, says the guy who sought out and targeted a complete stranger to mock to his friends.


You’re still responsible for your actions when drunk or DUIs wouldn’t exist. However, that caveat exists for operating equipment like cars or computers, not anything you do with your body, to which you cannot fully consent because you are not fully conscious. However, this applies to passive interactions, actions transgressing against the body of another are deliberate so counted. Otherwise every rapist would claim to be drunk – which they already do.

The Daily Stormer, “the world’s most visited alt-right web site”, proposed a different course of redress for the “hero and TOTAL BRO” Alchin. There is no suggestion that Alchin supports the broader views of the Daily Stormer or its campaign on his behalf.

A post in late June singled out Alchin’s “100 times tighter” rejoinder as “the perfectly natural response to being brutally oppressed by unhinged women your entire life”.

I really hope they’re joking.
If they think any type of harassment is a justified/natural response to a random woman, they need to remove themselves from the internet and check into therapy.

In October 2015, the 25-year-old was charged after he posted 55 derogatory comments in two hours, many directed at Sydney woman Paloma Brierley-Newtown. source

Natural response?

Entitled narcissist response.

Remember this has nothing to do with porn.

Speaking of, considering men commit most violent crimes by far and convicts can’t vote, if we’re taking Suffrage away from ANY sex, it’d be men. Men got universal rights around the same time as women and that can be revoked too.

I love how this type calls women a ‘fucking disgrace’ when he’s clearly a waste of air. If he’s a slut, he’s part of the same social problem he decries. At least those feminists were generally leaving him alone. Don’t pick a fight you can’t finish bitch. Women own the verbal smackdown.

“So glad the judge thinks I ‘over reacted’ so glad that when women stand up for themselves they’re either hysterical or causing far more damage to the poor ‘mens’,” she wrote on Facebook.

True, every time the monster mob goes after a man, these keyboard alpha bitches complain.
He picked a fight, he escalated, he dared her to take it to court. He caused the damage to himself by being a walking, shitposting piece of white trash.

You can’t build a Patriarchy with ‘men’ like that. Nobody will respect them, let alone follow them. When they talk about Patriarchy they mean a Sexual Revolution power fantasy.

As a comment points out;

Funny how alcohol makes men less responsible for their actions but it makes women MORE responsible for whatever happens to them. The judge is pretty much saying if you are female online you should expect shitty treatment, because you are female online.



That’s 55 messages in two hours. I’ve never known a player on the pitch to throw a sustained two-hour rant like that before.

Yes, that’s a psychiatric condition, probably psychopathy.

He’ll end up in prison, probably for assault. I guarantee it. A suit can’t cover trailer-park. Then he’ll be passed around like a pretty ashtray and know that rape is actually 100x tighter when it’s anal on a man by another man called Big Dave.

Hey, it’s a rape ‘joke’, right?

Why the Alt Right isn’t wrong

Why the alt-right isn’t wrong

Okay but Milo isn’t AR, he’s a journalist.

that's enough stop please karen will and grace

He chases after controversy until it bites him.

Finance’s winners and losers of 2016 + Trump

This guy is goooooooooood.

Not just good.

But gooooooooood.

wow omg likey


“Since gold can’t be “debased”, it begins to attract investment from those who would rather not consume today’s overproduction (and via that sharing wealth and ‘favours’) but continue to hoard these for the purpose of individual wealth accumulation.

Owning your own money makes you a Bad Person.


Gold in this way symbolises humanity’s selfish streak.


What’s more, while gold encourages anti-social behaviour and hoarding in individuals, a fiat-based system encourages the very opposite: sharing, distribution, collaboration and cooperation.

SJWs in finance, called it here first.
Welfare-phobia is round the sharp corner of a Hillary victory.

The “NWO Socialist Welfare State” (or whatever you want to call it) is completely dependent on the US dollar’s global use in the store of value role. Something that cannot be controlled. It can only be earned through confidence. And most simply stated, that’s ending. Look no farther than how the creep of progressivism has paralleled the creep of the US dollar, and then you will see how far this movement is about to be set back.

gangnam style elevator lift pelvic thrust funny sexy ooh

What goes round comes around like a choo choo of bad decisions

We live in the end times of progressive religion. PREACH.

Meanwhile, whatever your opinion of gold.

I read a statistic… The average American has less than a $5000 net worth… it’s pathetic… we’re basically broke… but in fact it’s much less… If you actually took the national debt and broke it down per capita, the average American has a negative net worth because the government has borrowed in his name more than the average American is able to save.

What’s happening is pretty much what we would anticipate. I don’t see from the data any real economic recovery, certainly not in the United States.

We’re spending more money, but it’s not because we’re generating more wealth. We’re generating more debt. We’re using that borrowed money to consume and so temporarily it feels that we’re wealthier because we get to spend all that money… but we have to come to terms with paying the bill.

The bills are going to come due. Right now interest rates are being kept at zero which makes it possible to service the debt even though it’s impossible to repay it… at least we can service it. But once interest rates go up then we can’t even service it let alone repay it.

And then the party is going to come to an end.

In a game of musical chairs, you watch for the teacher to edge nearer the music player before hovering near a chair. The teacher has a finger above the Stop button. Nobody is hovering.

I think the whole of civilization will collectively refuse to pay it. They can’t force us without becoming slave owners. I think the Jews or whatever usurers are in control are gonna get a shock when the pound of flesh is taken from the heart of every person who conned us pre-birth.

The prospect of UK famine in our time

Colleagues in the Climate Change team in the UK Foreign Office asked me to pop in and discuss the way that food, food prices and climate could interact to affect life in countries around the world. This is a topic of crucial interest given the plethora of analyses that have linked food price rises to civil unrest in unstable economies.


wtf omg shaking shock surprise dean ah

At the moment you only hear about global food security, but as I’ve covered before, the UK is too screwed to fix itself without essentially killing the whole population of London, let alone pay for lazy African farmers.

We’ve got about 80 million total (legal and illegal) by food consumption. I’d roughly estimate enough food for no more than 20 million comfortably and most of those in rural areas.

Our plausible worst case scenario was built around both these events happening together.

Not enough. The human immune system is brittle when starving, especially when unhealthy before (99% of people easily) so you have to factor in disease with the prospect of famine (they refuse to name the fear) and where the global populations are likeliest to die off.

That is Africa because they’d have died off to sustainable Malthusian levels centuries ago were it not for the White Man’s saviour complex stupidity. Second, China. Surprising until you see how they’re agitating for war, they may get a civil one. Thirdly, India because these people drink water from a river as you can see corpses bobbing by, mid-decay.

None of those people were meant to survive into this century.

These people are not supposed to survive and they are doomed regardless. They broke an evolutionary rule – they overbred.
Africa won’t stop fucking because they get Western welfare for the spawn.
China won’t stop fucking because they want soldiers so they can Take Over the World.
India won’t stop fucking because they want a booming technology sector as they imagine China to possess, meanwhile most of their citizens are so intelligent they refuse to use toilets and toilet paper.

People forget the plagues were historical events attributed to God. They were effects of bad manmade decisions. These people refuse outright to fix down to a sustainable population from hubris. The sin all Gods hate the most?

Look at the places worst hit recently – California, after all the gay shit, Venezuela after Communism (wrath, greed, envy and largely sloth), and the Middle East…. I guess Allah isn’t quite as much on their side as they expected. This drought phase comes after they’re back to murdering children, raping nuns and crucifying Christians.

What happened to the Ancient Romans who did that, again?

Of course, I can’t say it’s divine will but…. damn, that’s the only connection I can see between these disparate places.

Note in that report they never factor in war because if the shipping routes are closed, that’s it – most of the world will starve. It takes a few weeks at most. All three of the places I named thrived in the post-War grace period stabilized by Western cowardice. They were allowed to over-breed from the abundance paid for by white male blood. Say, does Merkel still want that EU Army? I hope she gets it, I hope she does. Go ahead, arm the citizens. See what happens when you ask them to farm for the Africans who already killed white farmers. Aid missions will be the start.

Slightly off-topic: if you were these corrupt governments thinking you can defy the laws of nature, what would you do to temporarily assuage this problem for the next politician?

They ‘maximize availability’, not supply. That’s called stealing.

I can’t wait for the Malthusian trap to eat these people and their stupid, stupid interference.
Stealing oil is bad, stealing water is an act of war and possibly genocide. Rather than deal with their unsustainable populations (read: stop fucking, you aren’t a dog) and the food security (shortage almost dead-cert at this point), they steal the stuff of life itself from their neighbours. In already parched areas, this will kill people and the chemicals in the rain might kill their crop ANYWAY. Arrogant, stupid people.

The people in these densely populated areas (mostly Asia) are dead men walking already. But they insist on taking the rest of us down with them.

Evolution is very clear. Have as many children as you can support. If you have just one more, you lose them all. These people are gambling with the future of humanity to make a quick buck and it disgusts me.

They’ll expect NW European to kill itself to save their ungrateful, low IQ arses (SE Asia math grades don’t count, most Asians are thick as pig shit). If Europe caves to this BS, we deserve to go. A century ago we were about a third of the world population because survival was tied to being personally responsible.

Dark Triad are losers

He reframes reality to fit with his narcissistic delusions. Sleaziness, violence, stalking and perversion-sadistic games played at other people’s expense–are framed as “hedonism”,  “childlike innocence and playfulness” or “libertine freedom”. Lies are framed as “creative interpretations of reality” or clever “modes of persuasion”. Manipulativeness, slander and back-stabbing become, in his deranged mind, “Machiavellianism” or “cunning”. As the psychopath’s idiotic grins which often accompany his malicious actions reveal time after time, his behavior and intentions are as far removed from “childlike” or “harmless fun” as possible. “Freedom” too is a meaningless concept, given that his main goal is to trample on the freedom and rights of others. He intends to control and harm others: control by harming them, to be precise.

Read the guy who came up with the clinical concept and measured it before you apply it improperly like a retard.

It’s nothing to be proud of, if you search “psychopaths are losers” you find plenty of resources explaining their parasitism. That is the opposite of strength.

“In 1998, McHoskey, Worzel, and Szyarto[13] provoked a controversy by claiming that narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy are more or less interchangeable in normal samples.”

They are, so there’s no ‘good’ side to it.

It’s like saying serial killers are culling the gullible. It’s victim blame.

Even other DTs want non-DT friends. Clue?

Thoughts while reading Return of Kings

  • The sociosexual equivalent of dodgy stock tips.
  • Popular with embittered social failures.
  • The solution to a narcissistic society is more narcissism.
  • We’re deep because we think the world is over except we’re too cool for religion.
  • Everyone sucks in this century except for me. I’d be like, so successful and amazing if I was born in another century, man.
  • Buy these magic beans supplements.
  • Let’s take all the marriage advice from single guys who can never keep a girl.
  • Why are there so many bald guys and why do they insist teenage girls wanna ‘bone’ them? Nobody over 30 should use teen slang.
  • The fat doughy shrieky ones appear to be the ringleaders. Sure, he looks like he owns a vibrating buttplug.
  • I am doing nothing wrong, I was born oppressed.
  • I am entitled to my hedonism because existing is hard.
  • Maybe that’s why the West sucks.
  • Self-awareness is for fags.
  • A guy who needs to run an online business like some etsy boho hippy jewelry chick has real worldly knowledge on how you can be a big-shot success.
  • There are magic words you can use to open any woman’s legs like Aladdin’s cave.
  • At what point does charging for wrong information become a scam?
  • Why do people keep coming back here? Surely that’s proof it doesn’t work? Must be catharsis. A place to vent with a macho excuse.
  • Women aren’t people but we aren’t sexist.
  • If you think women are people, you must be a feminist (feminists agree!)
  • We need Brotherhood, it’s nothing like Sisterhood but if you insult or disapprove of any man you’re a Bad Man.
  • Never target a man, even if he’s an SJW who founded FEMEN.
  • We’re objective and have integrity, that’s why we’re charging you to post a particular political angle that doesn’t challenge our deeply held and sexually cherished belief system.
  • This is a belief system but faith is stupid.
  • They do know that all this complaining is indicative of oral fixation?
  • If I post a philosophy quote from a long-dead guy who’d have spat on me for my lifestyle, that makes like deep.
  • My self-image of being intellectual and shit is totally compatible with exposing this much chest hair.
  • If I needed to write a transcript on petty rationalizations for personal faults… this would be a quote mine.
  • Caring too much about how cool I am is totes mature and not an Instagram chick thing.
  • Podcasts are for men too ugly for camwhoring.
  • This isn’t attention-seeking but look at all the blogger drama I can cause with my internet boyfriends.
  • Here are some big inspirational words like vision and ooh look I lift because it gets the babes.
  • Johnny Bravo is a role model and no, I’m not being ironic.
  • If I got a good woman I’d pump and dump her too lol.
  • Here are pictures of women who would never sleep with us, we’d even get rejected in our dreams.
  • Rejection is a common subtext here, wow.
  • Revenge fantasies are normal and Elliot Rodger is tacitly approved of, don’t mention his white supremacy angle though. It triggers Roosh.
  • Women are bitches because I’m too reliant on them for emotional approval. This is their fault.
  • Judging strangers makes me more superior than my actions ever could.
  • Psychopaths are role models but jokes about prison rape are a bad idea.
  • Let me post something grossly inhumane and when people get ‘triggered’ by this thing I lack called a conscience, I’ll call it satire.
  • Nothing about evolution justifies pedophilia but from reading this website you wouldn’t know it.
  • I’m not wrong, you’re just stupid herp derp here’s a bell curve.
  • I act all tough behind a screen name because Fight Club but don’t tell my Mum what I say to women on Tinder.
  • I don’t understand that life really is this hard for everyone. When they complain they’re sensitive, when I complain I’m insightful.
  • I’m a stoic until someone hurts my precious man feelings and then they’re a misandrist because I honestly think I am the representative of all men on the planet.
  • Women are crazy but I will conveniently ignore how this is almost indistinguishable from them hating me.
  • I cannot conceive of a woman with a valid and negative opinion of me. This is their narcissism for thinking they can judge me, a male.
  • Islamic State do some things right, like, their women aren’t sluts.
  • Without a steady supply of sluts, I am reminded that my life is worthless.
  • Allow me to claim the oppression of the great men of history because my middle class upbringing means I don’t even know the definition of suffering.
  • Look at my Asian girlfriend this has nothing to do with anime but mudsharks are scum.
  • Jews are our friends but the MSM is the Devil.
  • America is the nexus of degeneracy but let’s Blame Europe! ♫blame Canada blares♫
  • We’re down with the kids despite being in our 30s and 40s and hitting on teens young enough to be our daughter, look at our bland memes and poorly used gifs. We don’t understand the internet.
  • BonerKing69, I don’t need to see you to know you hate your life and wanna kill yourself. (Not the worst idea, considering how much you hate life).
  • Anything I do is masculine if I say it is.
  • You can’t be nice to women, that’s social suicide! OMG, you’re so lucky you have us.
  • Bad Boys get women but they can’t keep them. I’m painfully lonely but I choose this instead of being a gentleman for a few months to hook a good one.
  • Burned out husks of ‘players’ are people to admire unless they’re female. Then ew. STDs only affect trannies and women, you know.
  • I’m big and scary that’s why I blog.
  • Cos I have a real life and the rest of you here are losers.
  • Blogging is the verbal equivalent of vaping and possibly more obnoxious.
  • Too much alcohol is bad for you but slutting around without a condom is fine.
  • Let’s talk about prostate cancer funding but I’ll never run a bakesale or fun run to raise money for it.
  • My e-books are nothing like the secret but magical positive thinking will change your life.
  • Hippies are pathetic but here’s a herbal extract you gotta try.
  • I care about my diet but can’t tell you what a microbiome is.
  • I fucking love science when I can spin it to make women look bad.
  • I know better than the Bible, but you, a Christian, do not.
  • Let’s rip off terms from social science while bitching none of it’s real.
  • Acting like a child is desirable for an adult, everything’s a game.
  • I may be a laughing stock to all my friends and family but this website told me to cut them out of my life in the comments section because I don’t need them.
  • If Roosh told me to drink poison Kool Aid I’d probably do it.
  • This is not a cult.
  • It’s a serious political movement but not one of us ‘Alpha’ men dare run for office.
  • Let’s hide on forums and talk about our feelings.
  • Don’t feminists suck? People need to know this vital message.
  • I’m enlightened, that’s why I’ll never find love. Oddly, everyone who’s supposed to love me has abandoned me but that’s their loss, bro. I don’t need to change a thing.
  • No woman will ever love me as much as I love myself. 

I could go on, but really.


The male Jezebel. Jizzabel, if you will.

The Right is the new Left

I fear this.

I suppose cuck is a way to outgroup bandwagon jumpers looking for shekels to shill.

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Right Is The New Left

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