Modafinil doesn’t work on healthy high IQ people

It only plugs natural deficits.

These studies rarely look at true adults (fully developed brains) and long term use (and abuse).

Put it this way – you have to be pretty stupid to think a pill can make you smarter.
Look at the long-term effects of SSRIs, long thought to be safe, but they warp the receptor cells and rewire the brain – that’s permanent brain damage. They can actually cause depression – tardive dysphoria. Yes, that’s tard as in retard. This is (useless) snake oil in pill form. It’s like The Secret of pharmaceuticals. It promises social status. Snake oil pills are still being sold in supplement form alongside these ‘brain boosters’, the con couldn’t get more obvious. They’re saying it contains omega 3 and that would technically make literal snake oil a nootropic. COME ON.

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Dysphoria is a symptom of the bipolar. All for what was probably a minor episode of the sads. This damage may be passed onto one’s children, we don’t yet know. It could be epigenetic.

So the odds are these nootropics, which promise all the benefits of a healthy diet and sufficient sleep in a pill, will actually make the person dumber in the long run. Frankly, if they believe there’s a convenience McDonalds for smarts, they deserve it. It won’t really make much of a difference to such stupid, stupid people.

The only nootropic that really works will boost blood flow but this isn’t all good and in many of the fat lazy men who take it, could literally kill them in the long term. It increases headaches, migraines and heart conditions. Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in men. It isn’t healthy for the body to exist in this attention heightened state over time, it’s a form of chronic physiological stress, it’s a chemical stressor. There’s really no such thing as a nootropic, it’s another sciencey-sounding lie from the supplement industry like adaptogen. These terms were created by the medical professional to boost the performance of sick people up to average level. It isn’t a global boost, it doesn’t work on everyone the same way, it will make your performance more average, not a literal boost. As in, if you’re a high performer taking these the only way you can go is down because your body is already pretty efficient and don’t mess with it. It’s already fine! We’re not upgrading a hard drive here!
Unless a person already has a medical condition (deficit, below average), these drugs will not give them a boost.
It’s like taking cold medicine when you’re healthy. It won’t make you healthier.


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Healthy people shouldn’t be taking medication.
It will literally make them sick.
This is common sense.

I shouldn’t have to explain this.

Fine, take experimental drugs if you wanna kill yourself for a boost of about 2 IQ points tops when you can’t be asked to sleep a little more.

It’s a Ponzi for idiots. Why else do they start selling them, themselves? If it’s a serious drug, shouldn’t they encourage a reputable vendor than the medical equivalent of an Avon Girl?

p.s. I know real snake oil used to get confused with the fake popular stuff but most supplements are trash.

3 responses to “Modafinil doesn’t work on healthy high IQ people

  1. Illimitable man (red pill turd) is always talking about modafinil and it’s amazing effects. Speaking of him it would be interesting to hear what you have to say about him.

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