Men happier in marriage

If they controlled for social desirability bias in women, that would be significant. Moreover, few men requiring clinical treatment ever seek it e.g. ED, porn addiction, fetishes including a fetish for youth as part of a midlife/existential crisis. Men will be arrogant about their sexual diseases from perverse shame and claim what was called hyperaesthesia (high libido, excessive sensitivity and obsession) is a sign of potency, when it’s quite the opposite, it’s a sign of weakness and impotency. Put it this way: if no woman can satisfy you, that isn’t a fault of the women.

As Havelock Ellis said, strength requires repose and these men are neurotic wrecks, anxious about sex most hours of the day. Potent men aren’t obsessed with it, it has its place in private (no exhibitionism, no kissing and telling) and exhibit high self-control and high arousal thresholds.
Promiscuity and whoring by such men is narcissistic and hence, unfulfilling, the itch coming back stronger like an addiction, because they cannot connect with the opposite sex, it’s really masturbation with another/stranger’s body.

This study doesn’t fit very old findings when women were bound to the home (really what we’d now call false imprisonment) but in the context of modern intersexual relations it has a cause: balanced marital satisfaction is based on an even power dynamic. 

An even power exchange may be found in people who are not the same, it doesn’t require strict equality.

Women happier after husband dies

Physiologically, marriage is healthier for men than bachelorhood.

Happy wife, happy life is true
The man does have the romantic obligation to lead, that’s the masculine role, women often complain he treats them coldly (“He doesn’t try anymore!”, it’s like being friendzoned but with a legal obligation). This is the man’s fault and women are more liable to listen to his complaints in a good mood but pride constrains them. Modern metrosexual men complain their wife doesn’t initiate sex – like a porn star. Well, she isn’t supposed to, those women are acting and usually quite frigid (some type of misplaced libido, like male porn addicts). Impotence is a male issue, poor male performance is bound to make the woman feel offended.

Smarter women, no higher divorce risk

MGTOW is a good thing for the gene pool, the inferior quality husband self-selects out, it’s a eugenic effect similar to the ancient societies where few men ever reproduced.

If they’re iffy about producing a child, they’re unfit to raise it. Same goes for women.

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