Mrs Grundy is a Guardian reader

One line you could only find in a place as obsequiously right-on as the Guardian.

“If you’re a progressive, there are two strategies you can adopt in a conversation with an enraged xenophobe”

This is why they lost. This contempt, right there.
I cannot be wrong, you must be stupid.
When I fail, it is your fault.

They will always side with the outgroup. Those people are not worth the cost as Merkel admitted, it will cost billions over the next few years and it’s typical luvvie groupthink to believe we have unlimited resources (cough r-types) for foreigners when there are record levels of poverty among the natives, preferential treatment that is racist against contributors and the infrastructure the poor relied upon is crumbling under the current weight of users. There isn’t enough tax money being taken in, many immigrants are payed under the table.
Fucking traitors, is the common sentiment. The working class have been betrayed and have a right to tell these self-righteous prigs to piss off. A prig is a person who signals, often with hypocrisy, about what is proper, nowadays, what is secular and PC. The burden of proof is on the person saying No Borders while living in a gated commune. Multiculturalism is dead, Merkel admitted it years ago. Yet they back a failed experiment and wonder why the people with their eyes open scramble to the only people promising solutions, as opposed to the cause of the problems. They refuse to admit they’re wrong, on the wrong side of history, and they refuse to admit they lost, regardless of literal maths, which surprises no one and further entrenches the correct belief they are out of touch.
Calling it.
Mrs Grundy is a Guardian reader.

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